Stellar Blade Update Adding Major Feature Before the Game is Even Out

Developer Shift Up issues a new update for its action game Stellar Blade that adds a major feature before it’s even been released to the masses.

Stellar Blade Update Adding Major Feature Before the Game is Even Out


  • New Game+ mode has been added to Stellar Blade ahead of launch.
  • The day one update also removes accidental racist language reference, ensuring a positive gaming experience for fans.
  • More updates are planned post-launch, including new outfits for Eve.

Developer Shift Up has issued a new update for Stellar Blade that adds a New Game+ mode before the game has even hit store shelves. Stellar Blade's release date is Friday, April 26, but reviews for the over-the-top action game have gone live. If the reviews are any indication, Stellar Blade is yet another high-quality PlayStation exclusive, and it could very well be one of the better games released all year.

As detailed in Stellar Blade reviews, the game offers intense melee combat that calls to mind FromSoftware's Sekiro and marries it with a unique sci-fi setting. A key feature in Sekiro and FromSoftware's other games is New Game+, and so many assumed that the same would be true for Stellar Blade. Prior to launch, the developers said that New Game+ would be coming in a post-launch update, but it seems as though they finished work on it ahead of schedule.

Shift Up has released a new update for Stellar Blade ahead of launch that adds a New Game+ option to the game. Stellar Blade New Game+ will allow players to restart the adventure with their purchased skills and gear intact, plus there will be some new things to unlock exclusively in New Game+. Previously, Shift Up had indicated that Stellar Blade New Game+ would have to wait until some point after launch, so it's a nice surprise to see that the feature will be available to fans on the day of release.

Stellar Blade Will Now Have New Game+ at Launch

The Stellar Blade day one update does more than just add New Game+ to the game. It also addresses a controversy by removing an accidental reference to racist language that reviewers found in the game. Come the Stellar Blade release date on April 26, fans won't have to worry about dealing with the racist language and once they beat the main story, they will be able to enjoy the game's New Game+ mode.

Even more updates are planned for Stellar Blade post-launch. While New Game+ was previously meant to be part of the game's post-launch plans, fans can still look forward to new DLC outfits for Eve. The developers have also indicated that if there is enough fan demand, Stellar Blade might add a photo mode eventually as well.

Stellar Blade is off to a great start, especially for a brand-new IP. The Stellar Blade demo got a lot of people excited about the project, and the highly positive reviews will likely go a long way in raising the game's profile even further. Time will tell how well it performs, but fans will find out when Stellar Blade hits the PS5 on April 26.

Platform(s) PS5 Released April 26, 2024 Developer(s) Shift Up Publisher(s) Sony Interactive Entertainment Genre(s) Action RPG

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