Stellar Blade Will Be ‘Uncensored’ in All Countries

Stellar Blade is confirmed to be ‘uncensored’ everywhere it launches, comprehensively shutting down rumors that suggested otherwise.

Stellar Blade Will Be 'Uncensored' in All Countries

The highly anticipated PS5 exclusive game, Stellar Blade, has been confirmed to be "uncensored" for all countries. Until now, there were long-running rumors that talked about Stellar Blade being possibly toned down before launch.

Over the past several months, Stellar Blade has been one of the most talked-about PlayStation exclusives. In fact, its demo drew more engagement than that of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, which is impressive given that the latter game belongs to a highly popular franchise. With its release date of April 26 approaching fast, Stellar Blade's popularity is at its peak and so is the speculation surrounding its launch. However, a recent update has answered one of the burning questions about the forthcoming action-adventure game.

In an official announcement on Twitter, developer Shift Up revealed that it will roll out "the same uncensored version" of Stellar Blade around the world. Additionally, the post specifically mentioned that the Japanese version of the game will also have no unexpected cuts. This statement has effectively shut down the fans' doubts about possible censorship, especially that affecting the protagonist, Eve, being incorporated in the game late on. In the comments, several fans praised the developer for sticking with the existing version of the post-apocalyptic game. A user welcomed the news, saying "Then GOTY has been decided." Another wrote, "No one can mess with Hyung-tae artistic vision."

Censorship Discussion Surrounding Stellar Blade

Ever since Stellar Blade's first unveiling, the physical appearance of Eve, whose backside has admittedly received "special attention" from the devs, has divided fans. Due to a significant number of people frowning upon her look, fans have feared that Eve's character design and animation could be censored in view of such feedback. This has led to several posts on social media speculating possible differences in Eve's character model in the game's recent clips compared to that shown in the first teaser.

However, the developer's latest update on Stellar Blade, right before its release, has more or less put all the censorship rumors to bed. The assurance that the game would be consistent in its content across all countries implies that everything, including Eve's appearance, may have been left untouched to a large extent. Keeping in mind that Stellar Blade received an 18+ rating in Korea, the developer's decision may seem like a bold one. While this may not be the news every fan has been waiting for, it certainly shows that Shift Up and publisher Sony are confident in the game's existing form despite some early criticism.

Platform(s) PS5 Released April 26, 2024 Developer(s) Shift Up Publisher(s) Sony Interactive Entertainment Genre(s) Action RPG

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