Tekken 8 Now Has ‘Mostly Negative’ Reviews

The recent review score for Tekken 8’s Steam page sinks to ‘Mostly Negative’ due to several controversial changes to its monetization system.

Tekken 8 Now Has 'Mostly Negative' Reviews


  • Tekken 8's recent Steam reviews have dropped to "Mostly Negative" due to controversial monetization changes that have sparked an outcry from fans.
  • Despite initial success, Tekken 8 faces backlash over its Battle Pass and a crackdown on fan-made mods, affecting public sentiment.
  • Bandai Namco's reputation with Tekken 8 hangs in the balance as community uproar continues, leading to a drop in recent review scores.

The recent review statistic for Tekken 8's Steam page has dropped to "Mostly Negative" following weeks of controversy. The changes introduced to the game's monetization system caused a widespread outcry from the community, contrasting with the warm reception delivered by fans at the time of the game's release back in January. Now, three months after its debut, public sentiment towards Tekken 8 has hit another major snag.

Tekken 8 was one of the most anticipated titles of the fighting game genre in recent memory and was regarded as a spectacular take on modern fighters. The game was not only a critical success but also a financial triumph for Bandai Namco, with Tekken 8 selling over 2 million units in its first month. But that wasn't to say fans found no flaws with some of the game's systems.

At the time of writing, the overwhelming number of new negative reviews on Tekken 8's Steam page caused its recent review score to drop to an all-time low of 37%, which placed it near the very top of the Mostly Negative score bracket. While the sum of all reviews since the game's release is still hovering safely inside the "Mostly Positive" bracket at 74%, the sudden drop in Tekken 8's recent review score is likely a sign of ongoing turmoil within its player base.

Tekken 8 Hit by Controversy

Currently, there are hundreds of reviews explaining why users couldn't recommend Tekken 8 to other users, but several of the most common reasons provided had to do with the game's monetization system. Most notably, Tekken 8's seasonal Battle Pass was overwhelmingly disliked by the community, and many reviewers slammed the game for adding another monetization option on top of its standard $70 price tag, Season Pass, and in-game store.

There were also users who review bombed Tekken 8 for taking down online videos of fan-made mods, which they believed was an attempt to crack down on modders whose creations might impact profits from the in-game store. A sizable number of players additionally voiced their discontent over Bandai Namco's focus on monetization when major issues concerning the game's performance and matchmaking system persisted.

While Tekken 8's reputation is far from unsalvageable even with its recent controversies, the drop in the game's Steam page score is a sign that it's not infallible either. Only time will tell whether the developers at Bandai Namco can claw their way back into the community's good graces with the upcoming release of several highly anticipated DLC characters.

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