The Acolyte’s Creator Teases Character’s Tough Journey Since Last Appearance

Star Wars: The Acolyte hints at a mysterious plot with one character’s dramatic evolution.

The Acolyte's Creator Teases Character's Tough Journey Since Last Appearance


  • Star Wars: The Acolyte introduces a transformed Vernestra Rwoh, setting the stage for a fresh take on the Star Wars universe.
  • The series marks a departure from familiar themes, showcasing Rwoh's evolution from young Jedi Knight to seasoned Jedi Master.
  • Vernestra Rwoh's significant changes hint at her pivotal role in the plot, with potential relationships and new technologies to be explored.

Even though Star Wars: The Acolyte series is set to premiere in just two months, much of its plot is still shrouded in mystery. However, the show's creator has hinted at one character's dramatic transformation, suggesting it could be a significant element of the upcoming show.

The upcoming Star Wars series marks a departure from the franchise's usual themes, introducing a fresh concept and a host of new characters. However, fans can expect to see the return of Vernestra Rwoh, a character familiar to readers of the High Republic novels, making an appearance in the show.

In her last appearance in Star Wars, Vernestra Rwoh was a mere 15-year-old Jedi Knight. Now, at 116 years old and a fully-fledged Jedi Master, her journey seems to have taken a drastic turn. The creator of The Acolyte, Leslye Headland, told Empire that Rwoh has "been through some shit" since the events of the High Republic novels, suggesting significant changes in her life leading up to the time of the show.

The Acolyte's Creator Teases Character's Tough Journey Since Last Appearance

With The Acolyte set 100 years after the events of the novels, Rwoh's significant change in character makes sense. Headland explained that this change has transformed her from a fun-seeking adventurer in the books to a character more akin to the Jedi seen in The Phantom Menace. In her last appearance, Rwoh was navigating her early years as a Jedi Knight. Headland continues: “Because she has been around for so long, she has basically met everyone that has come through the Temple, and seen them all die their natural deaths if they’re living a natural human life”. Additionally, Rwoh has modified her purple lightsaber, so its blade can transform into a lightwhip; whether this adaptation will feature in The Acolyte remains uncertain. The substantial time jump in the series implies that Rwoh may play a pivotal role in the plot.

Headland has expressed her fondness for the character and her excitement about including her in the new series. Notably, Rwoh will be portrayed by her wife, Rebecca Henderson. Furthermore, Headland has hinted at a significant relationship between Rwoh and The Acolyte's main character, Sol, portrayed by Lee Jung-jae. Given Rwoh's status as a seasoned Jedi Master, Headland explained, "She's known Sol since he was a tiny child," suggesting a potential plot point in the upcoming series. As of now, Rwoh appears to be the only character from the High Republic novels set to appear in the series. However, Headland has indicated the possibility of more characters, mentioning discussions with Pablo Hidalgo, the Senior Creative Executive of Franchise Story at Lucasfilm, who oversees continuity and storytelling across all Star Wars media.

Star Wars: The Acolyte is set to premiere on June 4th, exclusively on Disney Plus.

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