The Outlast Trials Releases New Update and Toxic Shock Event

The most recent update for The Outlast Trials is live with the new Toxic Shock Event and several bug fixes for all platforms.

The Outlast Trials Releases New Update and Toxic Shock Event


  • The Outlast Trials' first post-launch update introduces the limited-time Toxic Shock event with new missions and rewards.
  • The game's latest update introduces two new MK-Challenges and changes to unlocking Program X and Program Ultra.
  • Red Barrels is expected to shake up strategies with the upcoming Season 1, adding new trials, events, and more to the game.

The Outlast Trials has received its first content update across all platforms since fully releasing in March, introducing the limited-time event Toxic Shock and two additional missions. An untitled release, it also includes multiple bug fixes and balance changes. This is the first step in an extensive roadmap for The Outlast Trials.

A co-op survival horror game, The Outlast Trials is one of the scariest to recently come to market. The third title in the franchise, it originally released in Early Access in 2023. A year later, in March 2024, the 1.0 version was launched. Soon after, a large roadmap for the rest of the year was revealed, showing how dedicated the development team is to the game and the faithful community.

On April 16, all platforms received a massive update that included the Toxic Shock event. Running until May 7 at 10 AM EST, there are multiple missions to complete within the Toxic Shock trial. The main quest is to stay alive while the room fills with toxic gas and players are stalked by a shock wand-wielding enemy. While the trial is running, players should recover the drugged rats found in the room for additional rewards. New evidence about Toxic Shock is found throughout the Trial area. Successful completion earns players Toxic Tokens and themed cosmetics.

Platform(s) PC , PS4 , PS5 , Xbox One , Xbox Series X , Xbox Series S Released March 5, 2024 Developer(s) Red Barrels Publisher(s) Red Barrels Genre(s) Survival Horror See at Playstation StoreSee at SteamSee at Xbox Games Store

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