The Planet Crafter: How to Get Terra Tokens

You can get valuable items and blueprints from space trading in The Planet Crafter, but only if you have the Terra Tokens.

The Planet Crafter: How to Get Terra Tokens

After the "Space Trading" update to The Planet Crafter, you can contact the universe outside by sending up a rocket to send off goods and bring new ones back. This adds a new way to get materials and blueprints in the game, but it also adds a currency: Terra Tokens.

Some of the items you can buy off the space trader are cheap, but a lot of them are worth thousands of Terra Tokens. Thankfully, there are several ways to get the tokens, but some methods in The Planet Crafter are more effective than others.

Sell Items to the Space Trader

The Planet Crafter: How to Get Terra Tokens

The most direct way to get Terra Tokens is to sell items using the space trading rocket. Select the rocket to open its inventory, fill it with the items on the bottom-right of the Space Trading menu, and then tell the rocket to leave. Once it comes back, you'll get Terra Tokens equal to the value of the items you sent.

You can automate every step of this process.

  • Use drones to bring raw ingredients in from ore extractors and other resource generators.
  • Set an auto-crafter to build the items on the list.
  • Use drones to automatically send the desired items to the rocket.
  • Tell the rocket to automatically launch once its inventory is full.

By combining all these automation steps, you can create an outpost that does nothing but generate Terra Tokens. You can build ore extractors in a uranium or iridium mine, bring them to a storage locker, set an auto-crafter by the locker to convert the ores into rods, build a trading rocket next to the lockers to sell off the rods, and set down a drone station to connect all the pieces together.

Each item requested is worth a specific number of Terra Tokens, and this value doesn't change between games.

Item Desired


Pulsar Quartz




Uranium Rod


Iridium Rod


Osmium Rod


Super Alloy Rod


Rocket Engine


Bacteria Sample


Fusion Energy Cell


High Quality Food


Circuit Board




Along with these items, the space trader rocket also accepts all the items it sells at full price, whether you're refunding an item you bought from them or one you found planetside. In particular, you can find fuses of all kinds in shipwrecks and sell them off to the Space Trader. Their values are:

Fuse Type


Pressure Multiplier Fuse


Heat Multiplier Fuse


Plants Multiplier Fuse


Oxygen Multiplier Fuse


Production Multiplier Fuse


Energy Multiplier Fuse


Open Crates and Explore Wrecks

The Planet Crafter: How to Get Terra Tokens

With item values mostly below 10 and purchase values in the thousands, you'll need to make a few automated outposts if you plan on using them to afford the most expensive items on the list. Fortunately, there are other ways to get Terra Tokens.

The first thing you can do is go out and explore. At any terraformation stage, you can find yellow computer chips (not to be confused with blueprint chips) that give you Terra Tokens when you use them. Chips worth 100 Terra Tokens are the most common, but you can also find chips worth 500, 1,000, and 5,000 Tokens. You can use them as soon as you find them, which is good for two reasons: they'll add to your Token total the moment you do, and they won't take up any inventory space afterward.

The one big downside to this method is that old saves from before the "Space Trader" update are mostly out of luck. The developers have added several new areas since then, but you won't get the largest possible number of Terra Tokens unless you start a new game.

Visit Distant Wrecks

The Planet Crafter: How to Get Terra Tokens

The "Procedural Wrecks" update has solved the issue of running out of wrecks on the local map by letting you visit other shipwrecks across the planet. These wrecks are random and procedurally generated, so you can keep exploring new ones to find crates and safes full of Terra Tokens, circuit boards, and other late-game items. These wrecks also hold fuses, and you can sell fuses to get a lot of Terra Tokens.

The biggest problem is the items needed to build a portal generator. They include two energy multiplier fuses, the rarest and most expensive variety. Be sure to keep this cost in mind, because you'll be able to rake in the Terra Tokens once you get access to distant wrecks.

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