This Destiny 2 Player’s Cool Warlock Look Is Perfect for the New Prismatic Subclass

A Destiny 2 player’s new custom Warlock costume effectively suits the qualities of the Prismatic subclass that Bungie’s adding to the game.

This Destiny 2 Player's Cool Warlock Look Is Perfect for the New Prismatic Subclass


  • A Destiny 2 player created a Prismatic-themed costume for a Warlock Guardian ahead of upcoming expansion in 2024.
  • SgtHondo's customized look replicates Bungie's Prismatic concept art with black and white color blocking.
  • Other players praised SgtHondo's creation as most ly replicating the concept art's fusion of Light and Darkness.

A Destiny 2 player has created a new custom costume for their Warlock Guardian that's almost perfect for the upcoming Prismatic playable subclass. The new subclass will be added to Destiny 2 when Bungie releases the game's next big expansion in June 2024.

Ever since Bungie revealed more about what's coming in the game's The Final Shape expansion, players have been preparing for its arrival. Some have studied Destiny 2's upcoming Prismatic subclass to craft new character builds for maximum effectiveness, and others have played the free Destiny 2 Into the Light update to earn the most powerful gear they can. A few have harnessed the game's large array of available armor and shaders to create the most suitable new outfits for the campaign.

Reddit user SgtHondo, who also created a Game of Thrones Night King costume for Destiny 2, shared a new customized look based on a piece of Prismatic subclass concept art Bungie revealed during its The Final Shape preview livestream. The concept art showed a Guardian wearing armor that is split almost evenly between black and white color blocks. The white half of the outfit represents Light-based powers such as the Void, Solar, and Arc subclasses, while the black half represents Darkness-based powers like Strand and Stasis. As the Prismatic subclass mixes powers and traits from both Light- and Darkness-based subclasses, a Guardian using Prismatic represents a fusion between the two opposed schools of power.

Custom Destiny 2 The Final Shape Costume Is Inspired by Bungie's Prismatic Concept Art

SgtHondo's take on a Prismatic costume used Warlock Guardian armor and shaders to achieve a similar look to Bungie's concept art. The look uses several armor ornaments with two-tone color blocking, combined with several monochromatic shaders. The Mask of Detestation from the Root of Nightmares Raid in Destiny 2 is already divided into two distinct halves, while the Phoenixfall ornament for the Phoenix Protocol exotic chest piece becomes cleanly divided between black and white when colored by the Jacarina shader. The Hawk's Fury boots provide unobtrusive legwear, while SgtHondo used the visual effects from Shadow Broker Gloves and the Celestine Bond to replicate the contrast between two power types seen in the concept art.

Fellow Destiny 2 players were quick to praise SgtHondo's creation on the DestinyFashion subreddit. Players said that SgtHondo's attempt was the st a player has come so far to replicating the concept art's look, while many others posted images of the Destiny 2 Best Dressed Commendation, which players can award to their teammates after playing together.

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