V Rising Player Cannot Enter Base After Summoning

One V Rising player learns the hard way that summoning creatures to a Castle can go wrong in many different and unusual ways.

V Rising Player Cannot Enter Base After Summoning


  • Accidentally summoning Nibbles in V Rising can lead to players being barred from their Castle entrance, blocking vital access for survival.
  • Nibbles the Putrid Rat is a unique V Blood boss in V Rising, summoned through the Vermin Nest and boasting aggressive tendencies.
  • New players must be cautious of summoning Nibbles too early, as the large rat can block doorways and pose a deadly threat if unprepared.

One player accidentally summoned Nibbles the Putrid Rat to their Castle in V Rising and ended up getting barred from entering the base. The rat sat in front of the doorway, blocking any sort of entry into the Castle. As a safe space from the sun, getting inside can mean life or death in V Rising.

Unlike other V Blood bosses, V Rising's Nibbles the Putrid Rat is summoned using the Vermin Nest. It appears like a regular rat from the nest, but is aggressive towards players and their servants. It's also much larger, able to block doorways, hallways, and other spaces from access.

Unfortunately, V Rising beginner Legitimate_Crazy_670 found out the hard way that Nibbles can block entry to a Castle. While the door is wide open, there's no space for the character to move through. They originally summoned the rat thinking it'd act as a guard dog for their base, instead of being a boss. In a roundabout way, Nibbles is doing just that by not allowing anyone inside.

V Blood Boss Blocks Player's Castle Entrance in V Rising

There are a variety of challenges new players face when starting the vampire survival title. From maintaining V Rising's blood mechanic, to hiding from the sunlight, there are a number of things players need to overcome. Part of this is defeating the V Blood bosses, previously known as Carriers. Drinking the blood of these characters allows players to unlock new crafting recipes and stations.

Without knowing who the various V Blood bosses are, however, new players can accidentally summon Nibbles the Putrid Rat to their Castle. The V Blood menu is one of the only ways to see what the different bosses are, and even then they're not explicitly detailed until after defeating them. A higher level boss, it can be a deadly experience for players that haven't upgraded their gear level in V Rising. With Nibbles' name in red, most of the suggestions in Legitimate_Crazy_670's Reddit thread mentioned blocking the rat off from the rest of the Castle or abandoning it completely until the character is stronger.

Legitimate_Crazy_670 isn't alone, though, as others chimed in that they had done a similar thing or know other players with the same experience. Summons, in general, can often block doors, such as the Skeletons raised from Tombs, or even servants. For those starting the game, take heed from this Reddit tale and only summon Nibbles the Putrid Rat when sufficiently prepared and in a separate room, lest the character get barred from the base.

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