Valheim Releases Update 0.218.11

Developer Iron Gate Studio releases update 0.218.11 for Valheim, delivering a number of tweaks to the popular open-world survival game.

Valheim Releases Update 0.218.11


  • Valheim's latest update, 0.218.11, brings new content to the Public Test Build, including a new biome, equipment, and enemies.
  • The Ashlands update introduces balancing tweaks and bug fixes, paving the way for more exciting gameplay experiences in the future.
  • Valheim continues to evolve with regular updates.

Developer Iron Gate Studio has just released update 0.218.11 for the Public Test Build of its popular open-world survival game, Valheim. The build, which is less stable as it is used to check upcoming updates for the game, recently received a major content drop that introduced a new biome, equipment, and enemies, among other things.

Launched as an early access project in February 2021, Valheim provides players with the opportunity to explore and conquer a massive open world inspired by Norse mythology with their friends. Since its release, the Unity engine-powered title has become an incredibly popular survival game, reaching an all-time peak player count of 500,000 on Steam, according to data provided by analytics tracker SteamDB. As an in-development project, Valheim consistently receives updates, with content from the game's highly anticipated Ashlands having recently been added to its Public Test Build.

Following the release of the Ashlands update on the beta client, the Public Test Build of Valheim has received patch 0.218.11. The April 24 update delivered a number of balancing tweaks in the Ashlands, as well as multiple bug fixes and optimization changes. Among to be affected by this patch were the new Drakkar ship type and the Charred Warriors that were featured in the recently unveiled trailer for Valheim's Ashlands update.

There is still no official word on exactly when the Ashlands update will make its way to Valheim's official build, but Iron Gate Studio mentioned in a January blog post that it was aiming to release the update sometime during the first half of 2024. Those eager to check out the new content from the Ashlands update should learn how to play in Valheim's Public Test branch. It should be noted, however, that would-be testers may encounter plenty of bugs and other issues while playing the beta client.

The last Valheim update that introduced a new biome was the Mistlands update that went live in December 2022. Nearly a year later in August 2023, Iron Gate Studio dropped another major update in the form of Hildir's Request, which added the eponymous NPC merchant and a host of other content to the game. While the title has undoubtedly grown exponentially since being launched in early access, Valheim still needs to introduce a lot of features before it can be considered a complete game by many.

Right now, gamers who want to play a game like Valheim but are still waiting for the title to be fleshed out even further can check out the many co-op survival games with open worlds that are available on the market. They may also try out other open-world games that reward exploration.

Valheim Public Test Update 0.218.11 Patch Notes

Abbreviated Patch Notes:

  • Multiple balancing tweaks in the Ashlands
  • Multiple bug fixes & optimization

Detailed Patch Notes:

  • Fixed issues which could cause Drakkar ship to get stuck
  • Fixed a balancing issue that could attract too many nearby enemies because of trees catching fire
  • Charred Warriors no longer spawn under the sea
  • Balancing tweaks to some of Fader’s attacks
  • Portals should no longer have a problem reconnecting after changing name
  • Tweaked collider to prevent rugs from clipping into the Grausten floor pieces
  • Ashwood walls with 26 and 45 degree angle now align better with the other Ashwood wall pieces
  • Cooking stations can no longer catch on fire
  • Building pieces will no longer start burning before being placed
  • Recipes for multiple armours and weapons in Ashlands has been updated to use correct workbench levels
  • Summoned Trolls now have a small chance to spawn cinders
  • Summoned Trolls are now immune to fire damage
  • Visual tweaks to Dyrnwyn
  • Visual tweaks to Bone Fragments
  • Tweaks to Ashen Cape visual behaviour
  • Corrected missing text strings
  • Compiler optimizations for Xbox
  • Sulfur now makes correct sound when picked up
  • Fixed a performance issue related to many damage numbers
  • Fixed an issue causing the download size to be unnecessarily large
  • Modding: IMonoUpdater no longer requires to be inherited from and error messages removed

Platform(s) Linux , PC , Xbox One , Xbox Series X , Xbox Series S Released February 2, 2021 Developer(s) Iron Gate AB Publisher(s) Coffee Stain Studios Genre(s) Sandbox , Survival Steam User Rating 95% See at Official SiteSee at SteamSee at Xbox Games Store

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