Well-Received Switch Console Exclusive is Coming to PlayStation and Xbox


  • Pepper Grinder, a popular indie game on Nintendo Switch, is coming to PlayStation and Xbox consoles in August 2024.
  • The game was developed by Ahr Ech and published by Devolver Digital.
  • Pepper Grinder has received positive reviews and will now reach more players.

Pepper Grinder, a well-received Nintendo Switch console exclusive that was released in early 2024, is coming to PlayStation and Xbox later this year. Surprisingly, the exclusivity period for this indie game will be unexpectedly short, as the title is launching on more platforms only a few months after its initial release on Nintendo Switch, Steam, Epic Games Store, and GoG. As such, players who don't game on PC or Nintendo's latest console will have the chance to try Pepper Grinder out sooner rather than later.

Created by independent Oregon-based game developer Ahr Ech and published by Devolver Digital, Pepper Grinder is a side-scrolling action platformer that puts players in the shoes of a seafaring woman named Pepper. To recover the valuable treasure that was stolen from her, the titular protagonist has to use her special drilling device to traverse dangerous terrain, defeat challenging enemies, and burrow through mounds of sand. Pepper Grinder is heavily inspired by titles like Donkey Kong Country 2, Dig Dug, and Ecco the Dolphin, which is evident in the game's retro-style structure and mechanics. Though it might not reach the heights of its legendary inspirations, Pepper Grinder did receive a lot of praise from critics and players upon release. Soon, more people will be able to give this charming indie game a shot.

In a recent post on Twitter, the esteemed indie game publisher Devolver Digital announced that Pepper Grinder is set to launch on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on August 6, 2024. Previously released as a digital-only game for Nintendo Switch and PC, the acclaimed indie platformer first came out on March 28 of this year. That means that the title's Switch console exclusivity is only going to last for roughly 4-to-5 months.

Pepper Grinder is Coming to PlayStation and Xbox Consoles Later This Year

On top of the new platform announcements, Devolver Digital also revealed that Pepper Grinder will receive physical editions for PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch that will be available at retailers on October 4. The bad part about this news, though, is that Xbox and PlayStation 4 owners won't be able to grab physical copies of the game. Even still, the fact that a small indie title like this is getting a physical launch at all is something worth celebrating, as there are many great games out there that have never received physical releases.

Pepper Grinder launched to mostly positive reviews on Switch and PC. That, combined with the fact that the title only costs $14.99, means that it'll most likely pique the interest of many retro 2D platformer fans. Those who are still unsure about purchasing the game, though, can try a demo out for free on the Nintendo Switch eShop to see if Pepper Grinder is for them.

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