When is the Next Partner Event in Monopoly GO

For those wondering when the next Partners Event in Monopoly GO should be happening, this guide provides the answer.

When is the Next Partner Event in Monopoly GO

Monopoly GO is an exciting board game that takes players to a virtual world where they can buy, sell, and construct new properties with the goal of bankrupting their opponents. In the game, you roll dice, which determines the number of spaces you’ll move on the board, and it continues until every participant but one goes bankrupt.

Monopoly GO keeps introducing new events now and then to keep gamers involved and entertained. These events are divided into Tournaments, Season Events, and Main Events. Unlike Season Events that last three months, Main Events only last a day or two. A Partner Event is one such event that rewards players with sticker packs, dice, and various other exciting prizes.

Updated on April 25, 2024, by Usama Ali: Unlike solo events, Partner Events allow players to team up with their friends and grab rewards by completing milestones. One partner slot usually consists of four to five milestones of 80,000 points each. In the past, Partner Events occurred just once a month. However, Scopely is breaking tradition this time around and another event is expected to drop on April 26th.

The last Partner Event in Monopoly GO, Fountain Partners, was available from 7th April to 13th April 2024.

When is the Next Partner Event in Monopoly GO?

When is the Next Partner Event in Monopoly GO

The next Monopoly Go Partner Event is likely to break the release pattern of Scopely, with a potential release date falling somewhere between the 26th to 28th of April, 2024.

Historically, these events usually have a gap of around 22–27 days, and the last such event was Fountain Partners, which was held from 8th to 13th March 2024. The next event will be called "Parade Partners," and, similar to previous events, players will be able to partner up with four friends and build the milestones collectively.

Completing milestones can also allow you to get 5-star stickers since each slot will reward you with one purple sticker pack. These stickers can help you with completing the Making Music Sticker Album and get plenty of Dice Rolls and Cash for free.

Monopoly GO Partner Events Explained

When is the Next Partner Event in Monopoly GO

Monopoly GO Partner events are special group events in which boards have four slots, and you have to team up with other players to build attractions on them. These events have many exciting prizes, including dice and sticker packs, but their main attraction is the grand prize of up to 5,000 dice and a special sticker pack.

It’s worth noting that, to join Partners events in Monopoly Go , players will have to reach Board 5, which can be achieved in a few hours.

Can You Change Your Partner in the Partner Event?

No, players have never been able to switch partners across all Partner Events in the past. Once you become a partner with another player, it can’t be reversed for the rest of the event, so players must approach making this decision carefully.

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