Where to Find Fusion Cores for Power Armor in Fallout 4

This helpful guide shows where Vault Dwellers can go nab some extra Fusion Cores for the T-60 power armor in Bethesda’s Fallout 4.

Where to Find Fusion Cores for Power Armor in Fallout 4

While Fallout 4 has definitely achieved critical acclaim and tons of love from the gaming community as an open-world action RPG, many Vault Dwellers are roaming the Boston Commonwealth and still in need of supplies, especially when it comes to Fusion Cores for the T-60 power armor. Since developers didn't give fans the option to recharge the batteries for the power armor, characters' suits constantly run the risk of losing juice right in the middle of crucial moments in the game.

Of course, players can spend bottle caps for Fusion Cores at vendors all across the Wasteland, like Arturo in the Diamond City Market, but the map is simply too vast for fans to expect their T-60 gear to hold a charge getting to each in-game retailer. The following list of locations in Fallout 4 shows some of the best spots to scavenge for Fusion Cores.

Updated April 16, 2024, by Tom Bowen: Power Armor can be incredibly useful when it comes to surviving the harsh and hostile setting of Fallout 4. As those new to the wasteland will soon learn though, using Power Armor requires Fusion Cores: a rare and valuable resource that can be somewhat difficult to come by. There are certain locations where Fusion Cores are guaranteed to spawn, but some of these are guarded by powerful enemies or require players to solve a puzzle or two in order to get their hands on the prize. To help Sole Survivors on their journey, this guide will highlight some of the best places to find Fusion Cores in Fallout 4 and its DLC expansions.

Fallout 4 Fusion Core Locations (Multiple Cores)

Where to Find Fusion Cores for Power Armor in Fallout 4

The Commonwealth is the regular, main area in Fallout 4 that players can access without having any DLCs downloaded. This area is extremely big, and given its size, there are multiple Fallout 4 locations where players can go looking for fusion cores. As such, only areas with more than one fusion core have been included in the table below. Beneath the table, a shorter list with easy Fusion Core locations where a single core can be found has been added for players in dire need.


Number of Fusion Cores


Milton Parking Garage


Make sure to complete the maze located inside the garage.



These cores are only found during The Big Dig quest. Two of them become available if Fahrenheit is killed and a key is looted from her.

Four Leaf Fishpacking Plant


Check the roof of the building after visiting inside.

Greenetech Genetics


Head to the highest floor of the building. Both are locked behind doors, one with Master difficulty and one with Advanced difficulty.

Malden Center


Take the elevator down to the generator, where all the fusion cores are located nearby.

Robotics Disposal Ground


Activate the robot to loot the two additional cores in this area.

The Castle


Defeat Sarge, and find the room with a chemistry station.

Federal Ration Stockpile


One is found outside the facility. The remaining one is inside behind a Novice difficulty door.

Recon Bunker Theta


Enter during the quest The Lost Patrol, otherwise, they can't be accessed.

The Switchboard


Enter during the quest Tradecraft. Otherwise, players will need to hack a Master difficulty terminal and Advanced difficulty toolbox.

The Prydwen


Located on the various power armor suits, but they need to be pickpocketed.

Walden Pond


Found inside a suitcase.

Easy Fusion Core Locations (Single Cores)

Where to Find Fusion Cores for Power Armor in Fallout 4

These locations are relatively easy to access in the Commonwealth. While they don't carry an abundance of Fusion Cores, there's at least one guaranteed in each of these places.



ArcJet Systems

In the room where the player can restore power to the elevator.

Atlantic Offices

On the roof in the Glowing Sea

Back Alley Bowling

Behind the Bar on the second floor

Boston Mayoral Shelter

Near the basketball court

Cambridge Polymer Labs

In the main office

Concord Civic Access

Near the mirelurk and the drug cache

Fort Hagen Command Centre

In the west generator room

Gunners Plaza

On the roof

Haymarket Hall

On the scaffolding near the entrance

Kendall Hospital

In the basement

Longneck Lukowski's Cannery

In the basement

Malden Drainage

Near Taffington boathouse

Mass Fusion Containment Shed

Behind the security door at the back of the first floor

Medford Memorial Hospital

In the generator room on the second floor

Museum of Freedom

In the generator room behind a security gate

Mystic Pines

In the basement

Poseidon Reservoir

In a power armor to the north

Quincy Church

Near the terminal

Starlight Drive-In Settlement

Behind the screen

Suffolk County Charter School

In the generator room in the basement

Super Duper Mart

In the generator room at the back

USAF Satellite Station Olivia

In the main room with the generator

Wilson Atomatoys Factory

On the outside in a generator

Wreck of the FMS Northern Star

Inside the generator on the ship


In a footlocker in the crew quarters

Other Ways to Get Fusion Cores in Fallout 4

Where to Find Fusion Cores for Power Armor in Fallout 4

For players who have fully explored the map, or do not want to go too far out of their way, certain groups and characters have fusion cores that the Sole Survivor can take.

  • Vendors who sell ammunition, such as Alexis Combes in Vault 81 and KL-E-0 in Goodneighbor, can sell around 5 fully charged fusion cores.
  • Robert MacCready can give the Sole Survivor fusion cores upon starting conversations with him as a companion.
  • Erin Combes in Vault 81 will reward one upon completing Here Kitty, Kitty.
  • Sentry Bots have one or two in their inventories upon being defeated. An already defeated one can be found in Hester's Consumer Robotics.
  • Can be pickpocketed from Brotherhood of Steel members.
  • Can be pickpocketed from Atom Cats.

Far Harbor Fusion Core Locations

Where to Find Fusion Cores for Power Armor in Fallout 4

The Far Harbor DLC takes the Sole Survivor on a mysterious, misty island off the coast of Boston. There aren't that many Fusion Core locations on the island, which is why all of the places that players can find Fusion Cores are included in the table below.


Number Of Fusion Cores


The Nucleus


After passing through decontamination, inside a wooden cabin.



In the basement, inside a storage room with a Master level terminal.

Glowing Grove


On a tabletop.

Crashed Boat


Near the Harbor Grand Hotel, find a crashed boat. The core is in a fusion generator at the bottom.

Nuka-World Fusion Core Locations

Where to Find Fusion Cores for Power Armor in Fallout 4

Nuka-World is the final big DLC that Fallout 4 received, and it's fantastic for farming a bunch of fusion cores for players favoring a power armor. The Nuka-World junkyard in particular is a great spot to head out to, as it has the most fusion cores in the entire game. Since there are fewer sub-locations in Nuka-World, all locations with even one fusion core have been featured in the table below.


Number of Fusion Cores


Nuka-World Junkyard


Check the warehouse, as well as the junkyard next to it. The junkyard can be reached during the Trip To The Stars quest. One of the cores is dropped by the sentry bot that needs to be defeated.

Nuka-Town Market


Can be stolen from Aaron Corbett's table.

Cola-Cars Arena


Check the locker rooms and showers before entering the arena itself.

Welcome Center


Inside Safari Adventure, the main large building when first entering this area of the park.

Vault-Tec: Among The Stars


Head to the Project Lead terminal to find it, inside one of the observation rooms.

Safari Adventure


The outside area, nearby the Angry Anaconda.

Nuka-World Transit Center


Close to a set of radioactive waste barrels.

Nuka-Cola Bottling Plant


Nearby the flagpole on the roof, inside a cabin.



Near the arcade's fusion generator.

Fizztop Grille


On the overlook's bedside table.

Angry Anaconda


Inside a cabin where a fusion generator is located.

Nuka-World Access Tunnels


Inside the maze, just after the wooden bridge.

Automatron Fusion Core Locations

Where to Find Fusion Cores for Power Armor in Fallout 4

Given that this DLC revolves around robots, players might expect more fusion cores to be available. However, the mechanist robots at the Fort Hagen Satellite Array can be looted for a great number of fusion cores. Players can also use Eyebot pods to search for one core at a time.

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