Where to Get a Shovel in Fallout: New Vegas

The Shovel is a weapon in Fallout: New Vegas that has multiple uses. This guide will show you where you can grab it.

Where to Get a Shovel in Fallout: New Vegas

The Shovel in Fallout: New Vegas is a melee weapon that can deal a nice amount of damage and can also be used to dig up graves. This weapon also has the ability to perform a special attack called Grand Slam, which can knock down your enemies so you can prevent them from retaliating.

This weapon can actually be found in a few different spots, with all offering a location for those who are towards the beginning of the game, or deep into the story. If you're looking to pick up a shovel for digging, or to use as a weapon, here's where it can be found.

Where to Find Shovel in Fallout: New Vegas


For an easy Shovel location, you can find one within Goodsprings at the beginning of the game. Specifically, you'll want to make your way near the Goodsprings Source, a location you'll visit with Sunny Smiles to complete the Back in the Saddle quest to take out some enemies and do some cooking.

In this area, look for one of the broken-down windmills with a water valve. There will be a Shovel off to the right side. You can find it at the specific marked location on the map image above.

For additional Shovel locations, you can find the weapon at:


  • Found at a greenhouse south of the entrance of NCR Sharecropper Farms, nearby Sunset Sarsaparilla Headquarters, and Gun Runners
  • Purchased from Chet at the Goodsprings General Store in Goodsprings (Costs 14 Caps)
  • Purchased from Johnson Nash in Primm (Costs 14 Caps)

Shovel Stats in Fallout: New Vegas

Where to Get a Shovel in Fallout: New Vegas

After picking up a Shovel for yourself, you might be wondering what stats come with the melee weapon. In this section, we will go over everything you need to know about the Shovel and what it can be used for.

  • DPS: 25
  • Action point cost: 28 (36 for Grand Slam charged attack)
  • Damage per action point: 0.86 (0.67 for Grand Slam)
  • Effects: Knockdown with Grand Slam
  • Item HP: 300
  • Attacks per second: 1.7
  • Weight: 3
  • Value: 54

Overall, the Shovel won't necessarily be the strongest weapon in your inventory, but it is very easy to obtain and can be found for free. It also uses Grand Slam as a special attack, which can knock down your enemies. It has decent durability as well, lasting you a good while before it breaks. It also has an additional use, which is for grave digging. You won't need to equip the Shovel for grave digging; instead, you'll just need to make sure you have one in your inventory.

Platform(s) PS3 , Xbox 360 , PC Released October 19, 2010 Developer(s) Obsidian Entertainment Genre(s) RPG

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