World of Warcraft is Fixing Taivan Soon

After a sudden and unexpected nerf, World of Warcraft confirms a fix for the best boy in Dragonflight is coming to the game soon.

World of Warcraft is Fixing Taivan Soon


  • The Taivan mount in World of Warcraft is returning to his original size in Patch 10.2.7 after a temporary shrinking in a previous update.
  • Fans of Taivan can rest easy knowing that the lovable hound-like bakar will be re-embiggened soon, according to a forum post by WoW community manager Kaivax.
  • Unlocking Taivan as a mount requires players to earn the A World Awoken meta achievement in Dragonflight, showcasing dedication and completion of various achievements.

World of Warcraft recently confirmed that the Taivan mount will be returning to his full size soon. Though his sudden shrinking caused no amount of confusion and shock among World of Warcraft players, they can rest easy knowing the good boy will be re-embiggened in Patch 10.2.7.

In Patch 10.2.6, World of Warcraft added Taivan, the lovable hound-like bakar from the Ohn’ahran Plains story in Dragonflight, as a mount. However, without warning, World of Warcraft shrunk the massive mount to almost half of its original size, much to the dismay of fans who had acquired it.

Luckily, it seems World of Warcraft had no intention of keeping this controversial change. According to a forum post by WoW community manager Kaivax, the shrinking of Taivan was done as a temporary measure to fix problems with his animations. It is planning on returning Taivan to his original size in Patch 10.2.7, but these changes should be reflected on the Public Test Realm for the update soon.

Taivan Returns to His Original Size in WoW Patch 10.2.7

While fans love Taivan's immense size, it is actually a key aspect of the bakar's story. During the Taivan’s Purpose sidequest on the Ohn’ahran Plains in WoW: Dragonflight, the gentle giant’s demeanor makes him unfit for hunting or shepherding despite his size, but with the player’s help, he finds his true calling as a rescue and therapy dog. Returning him to his original size is not only a boon to those who have earned him, but to his character arc as well.

Unlocking Taivan is no easy feat. Players can unlock the new World of Warcraft mount by earning A World Awoken, the meta achievement for Dragonflight. Claiming this accolade requires fans to get over 100 other achievements spread across the Dragon Isles, meaning they must complete almost everything in the expansion to earn him. That said, there is no time limit on the achievement, so players can still get Taivan once The War Within releases.

This fix for Taivan is far from the only thing coming in Patch 10.2.7. Titled Dark Heart, this upcoming World of Warcraft patch is making changes to the starting areas for Void Elves and Nightbourne, potentially as a part of the narrative bridge between Dragonflight and The War Within. Additionally, World of Warcraft is running a limited-time throwback event called WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria that takes fans back to the 2012 expansion, but with modern conveniences.

Franchise Warcraft Platform(s) PC Released November 28, 2022 Developer(s) Blizzard , Activision Publisher(s) Blizzard , Activision Genre(s) MMORPG

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