World of Warcraft Retiring Some Game Services Soon


  • WoW is removing Guild Realm Transfers and Faction Transfers, leaving only the Guild Name Change service.
  • These services are likely being retired due to being expensive and obsolete.
  • Players have until July 22 to use these services before they are removed from the in-game shop.

World of Warcraft is getting rid of Guild Realm Transfers and Guild Faction Transfers on July 22. With their removal, World of Warcraft will have eliminated nearly every type of paid guild service from the game.

WoW's in-game store has a number of different paid services players can utilize, allowing them to change their World of Warcraft character's race, name, and even faction. Some of these services are also available for guilds, such as the Guild Realm Transfer or the Guild Faction Transfer, which allows a guild master to go to a different server or faction, bringing the framework of their guild along with them.

Unfortunately, these services are going to be retired soon. As of July 22, Guild Realm Transfers and Guild Faction Transfers will be removed from the in-game shop, and will no longer be available for purchase. That said, the Guild Name Change – the only remaining service for guilds – will remain available indefinitely.

When are World of Warcraft Guild Services Retiring?

  • Guild Realm Transfers and Guild Faction Transfers are being retired on July 22.
  • The Guild Name Change service will still be available.

While World of Warcraft didn’t give a reason for these services being discontinued, it is likely because they are expensive and obsolete. With a cost of $35, most players would be more likely to simply create a new guild on their new server, rather than purchase a Guild Realm Transfer. The $40 Guild Faction Transfer, on the other hand, is simply no longer necessary, considering World of Warcraft made guilds cross-faction in Dragonflight.

If players need to use these services for whatever reason, they can still do so until July 22. After that, characters will be forced to create a new guild after buying a Character Realm Transfer, unfortunately leaving any of their World of Warcraft guild perks and levels behind. Alternatively, their guild should be mostly unaffected if they purchase and use the Character Faction Change service.

The removal of these game services probably won’t affect too many players, but there is a deeper implication in the date of their retirement that might. July 22 is exactly one month before World of Warcraft: The War Within enters early access – and right around when fans expect the Pre-Patch to begin. Evidence discovered on the WoW PTR suggests The War Within's Pre-Patch will arrive before July 30, making the weekly reset on July 23 the perfect day for it to begin. Considering this update will require some maintenance time, this update would be the perfect time to remove these guild services from the in-game shop as well, all but confirming July 23 as the most likely day for the Pre-Patch to begin.

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