WoW Classic: Logout Skips, Explained

WoW Classic logout skips are a convenient, if a questionably exploitative, way to trick the game into thinking your character is somewhere else.

WoW Classic: Logout Skips, Explained

It's no secret that WoW Classic is an enormous game that requires a lot of time investment from players. If there is a way to be more efficient with your time in WoW, players are sure to take advantage of it. When traveling to most dungeons and instanced areas in WoW Classic, logout skips are one way that players can cut the time it takes to get to the actual instance portal to less than a minute.

Logout skips are commonplace in vanilla WoW but not so much in retail anymore, and are great for resetting dungeons quickly for repeated farming, like WoW SoD Wild Offering farms. This guide explains what logout skips are, some common logout skip methods in WoW, and some of the best logout skips to use in both WoW Classic and WoW SoD.

What Is A Logout Skip in WoW?

WoW Classic: Logout Skips, Explained

In WoW logout skips are a way to skip past an area to get to another by logging out in specific locations that trick the game into thinking you are somewhere else. Logout skips are a great way to get through some of the game's most tedious runs and make it to instance portals much faster.

Most of the time, these logout skips are performed in areas where your character is not in their normal, idle standing pose – like while swimming, or standing on certain surfaces not on the ground. Logout skips do not seem to count as an exploit, at least not one that is consistently banned, and it's a good idea to learn some for the most popular dungeons and locations to save some time in the already-lengthy WoW Classic experience.

Common WoW Classic & SoD Logout Skips

WoW Classic: Logout Skips, Explained

Logout skips are less common in retail WoW than in WoW Classic and WoW SoD, as lot of the kinks of the game's engine were sorted out over the years to prevent unintended mechanics like this – but some remain. For the most part, logout skips are much more common in the original vanilla version for the game and its derivatives.

  • In almost every dungeon that has water, players can log out while swimming anywhere inside the instance, then log back in to be teleported to the very start of the dungeon, right in front of the entrance portal.
  • In the Deadmines, enter the caves that lead down from Moonbrook, then log out while standing on the extreme edge of the wooden bridge that leads further down, where most would normally jump down.
  • In the Wailing Caverns, walk into the exterior caves and take the left path, then jump onto a boulder right where the two paths meet up on your map. Log out on the far side of this boulder to teleport to the front of the instance.
  • In Blackfathom Deeps, swim underwater to enter the caves that lead to the instance, take the first right, then jump into a corner on the northwest side of the cave until you glitch and are able to stand in mid-air. Adjust yourself slightly to stand a bit further backward, then log out.
  • In Uldaman, walk into the caves that leads to the instance and look for a tent on the north side of the very first curve on the map. Jump onto the tent, carefully walk so you glitch and stand in mid-air over the tent opening, then log out.
  • In Maraudon, open the stone door that leads to the instances and walk forward onto the stone bridge. Log out while standing on the extreme edge of the left side of this bridge – your character must be in mid-air barely on the side of the bridge to trigger this.
  • In Sunken Temple, walk down the stairs to the pool of water that you would normally swim through to get to the instance entrance area, and swim into the far left corner. Log out (while not drowning) to be sent to the Sunken Temple raid graveyard. Walk forward, turn left, then continue forward to find another set of stairs that lead down to the instance.

Logout skipping while in a dungeon is particularly useful for groups who want to run the same instance over and over again. Perform the in-dungeon logout skip in any body of water, log back, walk backward to exit the instance, and reset the instance without running back to the entrance.

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