WoW Dragonflight — Season 4 Affixes

WoW Dragonflight’s final season is underway, and with it comes dungeon changes and affixes to make Mythic dungeons a little tougher.

WoW Dragonflight - Season 4 Affixes

Mythic+ dungeons offer some of the most challenging and rewarding content in World of Warcraft, thanks in part to affixes. These extra effects add additional layers of difficulty to dungeons, forcing players to work around them together to overcome more difficult dungeons as they progress.

To ensure players know everything they need to with affixes, we've prepared this guide with details on the affixes coming in season 4 of Dragonflight, as well as a few tips on how to deal with each.

What are Affixes in World of Warcraft?

WoW Dragonflight - Season 4 Affixes

Affixes are modifiers found in Mythic+ dungeons that give dungeons extra mechanics and obstacles for players to avoid and consider during a dungeon. There is a set pool of affixes in a season, and these are rotated out every week during the reset.

These affixes are designed to challenge players in various ways, such as keeping moving, paying attention to enemy placement, debuffs, extra spawns, and more. As players progress into higher Mythic+ dungeons, more affixes come online, with 3 being the maximum. Depending on the affixes in a given week, some classes tend to be preferred options thanks to their ability to deal with specific situations.

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Season 4 — All Affixes

WoW Dragonflight - Season 4 Affixes

Below, we have listed all the affixes players can expect to see in Season 4 of Dragonflight, separated by the Mythic+ level they will be introduced at. These affixes will come online at Mythic +2, +5, and +10, and we have included some details on how to handle them.

Level 2 Affixes




Bosses have 30% more health, and bosses and their minions deal 15% increased damage.


Non-boss enemies have 20% more health and inflict up to 30% more damage.

Level 5 Affixes




In combat, vines will periodically appear and snare players. Moving out of the area will cancel the effect.


In combat, afflicted souls will appear and need the aid of players. To get rid of these souls, heal them up or dispel their affliction to avoid their Afflicted Cry, which will massively reduce the player's Haste.


In combat, incorporeal beings will appear and attempt to weaken players. Hard single target CC is the best way to stop these, such as Kidney Shot, Freezing Trap, and Blind.


While in combat, gouts of flame will erupt under players, dealing 20% of their max health as damage and launching them into the air. Move and avoid these before they go off to avoid taking damage.


In combat, damaging whirlwinds occasionally spawn, pushing players into enemies or off ledges. Pay attention and avoid these by walking around them during combat.

Level 10 Affixes




Enemies spawn from non-boss corpses and attack random players. These will despawn after around 13 seconds, but they can be CC'ed to slow them down, damaged, and killed.


Non-boss enemies will rage at 30% health, making them immune to CC effects. Remove the enrage with dispells like Soothe and Shiv, and be aware of their attacks and spells before the effect is off.


When killed, non-boss enemies will explode, hitting players with a stacking debuff that inflicts high damage for 4 seconds. Certain spells, like Anti-Magic Shell and Cloak of Shadows, can remove or mitigate stacks, and defensive cooldowns or heals can help heal through large chunks of damage.


As non-boss enemies die, they will let out a death cry, empowering allies with 20% increased damage for 20 seconds, and the effect stacks. CC to help split up enemies to avoid the buff reaching them or prioritize enemies and reduce their health evenly before a final burst to take them all out simultaneously.


Non-boss enemies will leave a pool behind when they die. This pool heals enemies for 5% of their health every second and damages players for 15% every second. Keep moving enemies to avoid the pools, and be sure to avoid moving into more enemies and making the encounter tougher.

Season 4 will be the final season in Dragonflight, with the next World of Warcraft expansion, The War Within, on the horizon and expected to launch later this year. With that, players can expect potential new affixes along with new content, dungeons, raids, and stories.

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