Xbox Game Pass Adds Day One Game With Promising Reviews

The 13th new title to reach Xbox Game Pass in April 2024 is a day-one release with promising reviews and an important message.

Xbox Game Pass Adds Day One Game With Promising Reviews


  • Another Crab's Treasure is the latest title to reach Xbox Game Pass.
  • This day-one release is a colorful soulslike with some unique accessibility options and an important environmental message, which is woven into both its story and gameplay mechanics.

Xbox Game Pass members can play Another Crab's Treasure as part of their subscription starting today, April 25. This day-one addition to the Xbox Game Pass library arrives in the form of a colorful action RPG with an important message about environmental preservation.

Developed by Seattle-based Aggro Crab, Another Crab's Treasure mixes elements of soulslikes with way better vibes than what fans of this genre are normally used to. The game stars Kril, a hermit crab who loses his shell to a loan shark and embarks on a quest to get it back by exchanging it for a mystical treasure.

The execution of this straightforward premise has so far impressed many a critic, with Another Crab's Treasure launching to promising reviews that pushed its Metacritic Metascore(s) to the high 70s. Xbox Game Pass members also get to enjoy it starting today, with the RPG being set to reach Microsoft's content catalog at 9am PT / 12pm ET / 6pm CET.

Xbox Game Pass April 2024 Release Calendar

Xbox Game Pass Adds Day One Game With Promising Reviews


Date Added






Ark: Survival Ascended

April 1

Survival MMORPG

F1 23

April 2

Racing Sim

Ultimate tier only; non-cloud versions were already added in January 2024

Superhot: Mind Control Delete


Returning title that was last available in May 2022

LEGO 2K Drive

April 3

Arcade Racer

Lil Gator Game

April 4

Action Adventure

EA Sports PGA Tour

Golf Sim

PC Game Pass and Ultimate tiers only


April 9


Returning title that was last available in March 2021

Botany Manor

Adventure Puzzler

Day-one release

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Definitive Edition

April 11

Action Adventure

Harold Halibut

April 16


Day-one release

Orcs Must Die! 3

April 17

Tower Defense

EA Sports NHL 24

April 18

Ice Hockey Sim

Ultimate tier only

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

April 23

Action RPG

Day-one release

Another Crab's Treasure

April 25


Day-one release; 🆕new today

Manor Lords

April 26


Day-one release; Game Preview; PC Game Pass and Ultimate tiers only

Have a Nice Death

April 30


While it manages to cater to fans of a genre known for its difficulty, Another Crab's Treasure also boasts some innovative accessibility options. Chief among them is a handgun that Kril can pick up to make short work of bosses. This de facto cheat code first needs to be enabled in the accessibility menu, with Aggro Crab telling Game Rant it opted for its inclusion because it deemed it "funny" and many fans happened to agree.

The newly released soulslike also goes to great lengths to weave its environmental preservation message into both its story and gameplay mechanics. E.g., Another Crab's Treasure boasts a unique equipment system that has Kril repurpose ocean litter like cans and party hats into makeshift shields meant to temporarily replace his missing shell. Each type of trash comes with its own stats and abilities; tin cans are fairly durable and can usually withstand many hits, while glass objects will break in just one, but damage enemies in the process.

While extremely vivid, the setting of Another Crab's Treasure also plays into its environmental themes, as the game takes place in a kingdom at the verge of collapse due to a mysterious illness known as the Gunk. Figuring out how the Gunk is connected to all the trash and investigating its effects on ocean flora and fauna is presented as one of the game's central mysteries. Another Crab's Treasure is the fourth Xbox Game Pass day-one release in April 2024, as well as the 54th title to reach the subscription service since the turn of the year. The platform's content catalog will also expand to include Manor Lords and Have a Nice Death before month's end.

$15 at Amazon$17 at Xbox

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