Xbox Game Pass Is Losing 6 Games Today

In an uncharacteristically big wave of departures for Xbox Game Pass, half a dozen titles are soon set to leave the subscription service.

Xbox Game Pass Is Losing 6 Games Today


  • Xbox Game Pass is losing Amnesia: Rebirth and five other titles on April 15.
  • This wave of departures is larger than usual, as the service typically only loses a few games every two weeks.
  • April 2024 is still going to be a big net positive for Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass is soon losing Amnesia: Rebirth and five other titles. These games, which are set to leave the service on April 15, comprise an uncharacteristically big wave of Xbox Game Pass departures.

Microsoft's subscription service typically only loses games in the middle and at the tail end of each month. But those departure waves most often encompass no more than several titles. E.g., Xbox Game Pass only lost three games on March 31, preceded by another three on March 16. Meanwhile, the mid-February 2024 catalog shrinkage saw the platform lose just two titles. In contrast, this forthcoming wave of Xbox Game Pass departures will be the largest one since the turn of the year.

The full list of games leaving the service on April 15 comprises Amnesia Collection, Amnesia: Rebirth, Back 4 Blood, Phantom Abyss, Research and Destroy, and Soma. Much like its name implies, Amnesia Collection isn't a singular title but a compilation of the first two entries in the franchise, meaning that Xbox Game Pass is technically losing seven games as part of this early spring wave of departures. Between the three Amnesia installments and Soma, horror fans may feel particularly hard done by this next Xbox Game Pass exodus.

Xbox Game Pass Games Leaving April 15




How Long To Beat

Amnesia Collection


October 2022

14–20 hours

Amnesia: Rebirth

8–14 hours

Back 4 Blood


October 2021

12–122 hours

Phantom Abyss

Roguelike Platformer

October 2022

17+ hours (solo)

Research and Destroy


April 2022

12+ hours (solo)



October 2022

9–11 hours

Subscribers who still haven't started these games are unlikely to be able to finish more than one of them before they leave the platform; Soma and the outgoing Amnesia entries are the shortest of the lot, with each of them being beatable in about eight hours. However, there is no telling when exactly these titles will leave Xbox Game Pass on April 15. Although Microsoft sometimes pulls departing games from its subscription catalog at midnight, such titles also have a historical tendency to disappear from the company's library throughout their scheduled day of removal.

April 2024 Is a Net Positive For Xbox Game Pass

Despite this uncharacteristically large exodus, April 2024 is still going to be a net positive for the service; Xbox Game Pass has already added nine titles since the turn of the month, with another four day-one releases being set to follow soon.

That is unlikely to be the end of this month's addition to the platform, not least because Microsoft is expected to announce the second wave of April 2024 Xbox Game Pass arrivals in the coming days. Based on historical precedent, the reveal is most likely to take place on Tuesday, April 16. That occasion should also see the company confirm which titles will be leaving Xbox Game Pass at the end of the month.

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