Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom — All Black Hinox Locations

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, there are several Black Hinox located throughout Hyrule that you can hunt down and take on in combat.

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom - All Black Hinox Locations

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has numerous threats and obstacles to navigate as you adventure throughout Hyrule, with many of these being the various monsters known to frequent certain locations.

While plenty of monsters appear in small groups and are relatively easy to fend off, there are also plenty of much larger, powerful creatures that operate as mini-bosses. Among these is the Hinox, which has four different variants that can be hunted down and defeated in combat to earn several powerful drops. Black Hinox are the most powerful variant of this species, resulting in the most valuable drops. For this reason, knowing where to locate and hunt them down can be very beneficial.

All Black Hinox Locations in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom - All Black Hinox Locations

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Black Hinox is one of the four different Hinox variants and one of many mini-boss creatures known to roam Hyrule. Though Hinox can be difficult to face in battle, they have a significant weak spot in their eye, so keeping your distance and shooting arrows consistently into this target will stun them, providing you with the opportunity to rush in and deal melee damage. By repeating this process until the Hinox is drained of HP, you should be able to defeat them quite easily. Hinox can be found at the approximate map locations listed below:

All Black Hinox Locations on Surface

  • Meadala's Mantle: -4205, -1292, 0429
  • East of Harker Lake: 1098, -2872, 0068
  • Jia Highlands: 1562, -2416, 0193
  • East of Minetak Shrine: 0394, 3485, 0083
  • Southwest of Rassla Lake Cave: 1687, -3873, 0003
  • Southeast of Malin Bay: 4643, 1778, 0031
  • Lomei Labyrinth Island: 4603, 3530, -0065
  • Calora Lake Cave: 2025, -3061, 0096
  • Hyrule Castle Library: -0154, 1064, 0215

All Black Hinox Locations in Depths

  • South of Gerudo Canyon Mine: -4205, -1292, -0871
  • Southeast of Corvash Canyon Mine: -2783, 2031, -0757
  • Northwest of Korok Grove: -0146, 2382, -0621
  • North of Dueling Canyons Mine: 1470, -1330, -0549
  • Northwest of Goflam's Lavafalls: -3655, 3806, -0678
  • Northeast from Trial of the Master Sword location: 1687, -3873, -0456
  • South of Rist Mine: 4643, 1778, -0482
  • North of Bubinga Grove: 2051, -2004, -0472

Black Hinox drops several items that can be used to Fuse weapons, upgrade armor, and cook various Elixirs. As these are all very important mechanics to consider, there is much value to be found in Black Hinox materials, so you should always ensure you gather all drops upon defeating one of these beasts.

Black Hinox Possible Drops

  • Black Hinox Horn
  • Hinox Guts
  • Hinox Toenail
  • Hinox Tooth

Franchise The Legend of Zelda Platform(s) Switch Released May 12, 2023 Publisher(s) Nintendo Genre(s) Adventure

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