Zenless Zone Zero Opens Pre-Registration with Rewards

Hoyoverse announces the pre-registration period for Zenless Zone Zero has begun and players can earn rewards if certain milestones are reached.

Zenless Zone Zero Opens Pre-Registration with Rewards


  • Pre-registration for Zenless Zone Zero is open, offering rewards for reaching milestones in sign-ups.
  • HoYoverse's success with Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail sets high expectations for their new game.
  • Zenless Zone Zero features hack and slash combat in a post-apocalyptic world, with RPG game mechanics mixed in.

Hoyoverse announces that pre-registration has opened for its upcoming action RPG title, Zenless Zone Zero, and players can earn unique rewards if certain milestones are reached through sign-ups. HoYoverse is seemingly on an unstoppable roll with Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail becoming massively successful games for the studio. While both games are designed as RPG experiences, they each tap into elements that make them different, with Genshin offering a massive open world to explore similar to Breath of the Wild, while Honkai: Star Rail leans heavily into sci-fi and features turn-based RPG combat.

However, HoYoverse isn't stopping there as its next game, Zenless Zone Zero, continues the trend with another action RPG, though it brings more of a hack and slash style twist to the combat. Taking place in a post-apocalyptic future urban city called New Eridu, players will be taking on the role of a Proxy, characters who explore hostile alternative dimensions known as Hollows to stop Ethereals from destroying more of the planet. As the game inches r to a world-wide release, HoYoverse has begun its pre-registration initiative by offering fans rewards for signing up early.

In a new post on Twitter, HoYoverse announced its pre-registration program for Zenless Zone Zero that players can now opt into. Following the recent Zenless Zone Zero Amplifying Tests, the game appears to be heading for global release, so the pre-registration program is basically a way for players to show interest in the game through the various online marketplaces. For PlayStation players, they can add Zenless Zone Zero to their wishlist, Google Play and the App Store has a "Pre-Register" or "Get" option that can be selected, while Epic Store players can also select a wishlist option.

Zenless Zone Zero Pre-registration Rewards

Similar to past pre-registration events held for Hoyoverse's other games like Honkai Star Rail, the developer is putting rewards up for grabs based on how many people essentially sign up. Once global pre-registration milestones have been reached, the corresponding rewards will be unlocked and issued to players through the in-game mail system after Zenless Zone Zero has officially launched.

  • Global pre-registrations above 15 million — Dennies ×30,000
  • Global pre-registrations above 20 million — Master Tape ×3
  • Global pre-registrations above 25 million — Boopon[Coup-En] ×5
  • Global pre-registrations above 30 million — Master Tape ×5
  • Global pre-registrations above 35 million — Agent Corin ×1
  • Global pre-registrations above 40 million — Master Tape ×12

Following the pre-registration announcement, the one big question remaining for many fans is when the game is actually launching. While HoYoverse maintains a general first half of 2024 window, the actual Zenless Zone Zero release date may have leaked early thanks to an accidental page update on Apple's App Store. While unconfirmed, the store page listed July 3 as the launch date, so many fans have begun to circle that date on their calendar even if it remains unconfirmed.

Platform(s) PC , PS5 , iOS , Android Developer(s) HoYoverse (Formerly miHoYo) Publisher(s) HoYoverse Genre(s) Action RPG Engine Unity

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