Fallout 4: Can You Recharge Fusion Cores? (How To Get New Ones)

Wondering if you can recharge fusion cores in Fallout 4? While technically you cannot, but there is an actually interesting workaround that you can use.

Fallout 4: Can You Recharge Fusion Cores? (How To Get New Ones)

If you use Power Armor which you will be using much as you progress, then you definitely need a way to recharge Fusion cores in Fallout 4. It is a type of ammunition, which you can think like gas for your Power Armor, as without it, the armor won’t work.

Now, you must have wandered around looking for some station that refills these cores only for your Armor to run out of energy. But worry not, here are all the ways through which you can recharge or better get new Fusion cores in this game.

How to Recharge Fusion Cores in Fallout 4

Fallout 4: Can You Recharge Fusion Cores? (How To Get New Ones)

You can’t use generators or any kind of power station to recharge Fusion Cores, instead, the best way to replace them is by selling them before they are over to the vendors and buying new ones from them.

  1. Walk up to your Power Armor and open the Transfer Menu.
  2. Move the Fusion Core from the Power Armor to your Inventory.
  3. Around midnight you can find Trashman Carla at the Central Sanctuary.
  4. Go to her and sell her your nearly-over Fusion Core. Make sure there is minimal energy left, if you completely deplete it the Fusion Core just disappears. If you have multiple of them in your inventory then make sure you check the Charge before confirming the trade.
  5. Next, after selling go back to sleep for 24 hours to skip to the next day.
  6. Find her again and check her inventory.
  7. You can now buy a fully charged Fusion Core for the same price you previously sold your older one for.

Aside from that, some other ways through which you can get them are:

  • Killing Sentry bots: Each sentry bot carries at least two Fusion cores that you can take after you destroy them.
  • Pickpocket Brotherhood of Steel: One of the best places to find Fusion cores are other Power Armors. Pickpocketing them allows you to get it. Once you do the wearer exits their armor.
  • Use Rechargeable Fusion Cores Mod: There is a mod that removes the hassle of finding and selling the Fusion cores to vendors, instead, you can use Crafting Stations for it.

And there you have it, these are all the ways to recharge Fusion cores in Fallout 4. If you aren’t too keen on the vendor method, then you should check out how to install its script extender (F4SE) to be able to use mods easily. We also have you covered with the best mods for this game and their console commands & cheats!

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