Grand Piece Online Hawk Eye Location Guide

Grand Piece Online Hawk Eye Location Guide

Grand Piece Online is based on the famous manga turned anime One Piece and there are numerous locations and characters that fans of the series will be familiar with. One of these characters, Hawk Eye aka Mihawk is a fan favorite and most players would know him immediately. Hawk Eye in Grand Piece Online is a boss that you will get to face once you find him in the Roblox game and he will drop some pretty useful rewards.

Mihawk was one of the latest additions to GPO which is why many players don’t know where to look for him. He is located on an island in the Second Sea and players can get items like the Dark Blade. Albeit a low drop, the blade is quite useful and players must try their best to find the item.

Where to Find Hawk Eye in Grand Piece Online

Grand Piece Online Hawk Eye Location Guide

To find Hawk Eye in Grand Piece Online players will have to travel to Umi Island in the Second Sea. While starting from Foro Island, keep heading between North East and East and you will soon turn up on the island. Mihawk spawns every 2 hours and he can be quite aggressive whether you are on the island or just close by so keep an eye out. While defeating this boss won’t be quite tedious, players will still have to understand his moveset and take him on countering those.

Once you defeat Mihawk in GPO, you can get the following rewards:

  • Mihawk’s Hat
  • Hawk Eye’s Outfit
  • Triple Strongest Slash Scroll
  • Dark Blade

While the drop rates are significantly low like most useful things in Grand Piece Online, fighting Hawk Eye is certainly worth it. Another thing worth noting is that this is also the spawn location of Roger and you might have more than one boss fight on your hand if you land there earlier than expected.

That’s all you will need to find Hawk Eye in Grand Piece Online. If you found this guide helpful, do check out our other Grand Piece Online guides in our dedicated section at Guideer.

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