How Can I Fix Not Enough Shikai EXP In Type Soul? (Answered)

Have you been meditating to beat your Shikai but in vain? This guide will help you pass the ‘not enough Shikai EXP’ issue in Type Soul to beat your Shikai in the Grade that you have reached.

How Can I Fix Not Enough Shikai EXP In Type Soul? (Answered)

As a Soul Reaper, players would quickly want to gather enough EXP to unlock their Shikai and go all the way to the Bankai state. However, many players have been finding it difficult to battle their Shikai after reaching Grade 2. Although you have to meditate 3 times for 20 minutes before you can face the boss, players are encountering an issue that reads as not enough Shikai EXP in Type Soul. Since the game is not clear on what to do after that, there is visible confusion in the player’s minds.

Table of Contents

  • How to Solve Not Enough Shikai EXP in Type Soul
  • All Shikai Whispers and Requirements in Type Soul
    • Hateful Shikai
    • Chaotic Shikai
    • Pure Shikai
    • Vengeful Shikai
    • Squeamish Shikai
    • Kind Hearted Shikai

Fortunately, this is no bug or even an error for that matter but simply a lack of information. Since there are different types of Shikai, players might be focusing on the wrong requirements. To correctly gain Shikai EXP, players need to look at the Shikai Whispers and see what the necessary requirements are for that particular one. These whispers will pop up on your screen and you will have to identify them before going forward.

How to Solve Not Enough Shikai EXP in Type Soul

How Can I Fix Not Enough Shikai EXP In Type Soul? (Answered)

There are different Shikai Whispers that players will come across based on their own Shikai. In order to avoid the issue of not enough Shikai EXP in Type Soul, players need to identify the requirements for that particular one. The whispers are the ones that will help players identify what Shikai they have.

All Shikai Whispers and Requirements in Type Soul

These are all the Shikai Whispers and their requirements that you will come across in the game. We have collected the information from the Type Soul Trello and if you are missing out on some in-game mechanics, do check it out. Since you want to avoid the issue of not enough Shikai EXP in Type Soul, here’s what you need to be aware of.

Hateful Shikai

  • Requirement – Gets EXP off gripping NPCS and players
  • TIER 1 Shikai Whisper –
    • “Soul Reapers.. Hollow.. you’re all garbage.”
    • “How dare you disturb me, as a mere weakling?”
    • “Any progress you think you’re gaining is futile.”
    • “Look where your efforts have led you. Ultimately, to nothing.”
  • TIER 2 Shikai Whisper –
    • “You continue to attempt at summoning me? Tsk.”
    • “Your struggles will lead you to death.”
    • “I will not die with you, you fool.”
    • “Leave me be, trash.”
  • TIER 3 Shikai Whisper –
    • “It seems I’ll have to end your delusions of holding my power myself.”

Chaotic Shikai

  • Requirement – Gripping NPCS and players / Winning PVP Missions
  • TIER 1 Shikai Whisper –
    • “Ah, so you’re the one who wields me. Keep me entertained, won’t you?”
    • “You know, destruction is a fun hobby. Try it sometime.”
  • TIER 2 Shikai Whisper –
    • “You are shaping into something.. who knows if it’s good though?”
    • “Anyone who can become stronger than you should be cut while they are weak.”
    • “You.. you’re a funny being. Perhaps I’ll lend you my power soon enough.”
    • “There are people getting stronger than you as we speak.. go kill them.”
  • TIER 3 Shikai Whisper –
    • “Why’d you call on me? You aren’t ready yet.”
    • “This is entertaining to watch. Keep it up.”
    • “Alright.. let’s see if you can continue our path of destruction with my assistance.”

Pure Shikai

  • Requirement – Killing hollow NPCS
  • TIER 1 Shikai Whisper –
    • “So I have landed in your hands. Use me well to uphold the Soul Reaper name.”
    • “You must grow stronger if you wish to be an asset to the Soul Society..”
    • “Your growth is showing. Don’t falter.”
    • “Protecting the Soul Society comes above all else.”
  • TIER 2 Shikai Whisper –
    • “You are doing well, friend.”
    • “We are on the right path. The path of righteousness.”
    • “You bring pride to the Soul Society.”
  • TIER 3 Shikai Whisper –
    • “A Soul Reaper must wield their blades name eventually, get stronger and you will wield yours eventually.”
    • “Alright. It is time I grant you with my name. Come.”

Vengeful Shikai

  • Requirement – Grip NPCS / players that killed you IN YOUR CURRENT SERVER
  • Tier 1 Shikai Whisper –
    • “Do you enjoy being a weakling? You aren’t worthy of me.”
    • “Is this it..? Pathetic.”
    • “You call yourself a Soul Reaper, yet you are weak.”
  • Tier 2 Shikai Whisper –
    • “Those who oppose you should not live.”
    • “You’re becoming more.. acceptable.”
    • “All your effort lead to this?”
  • Tier 3 Shikai Whisper –
    • “Interesting. Your bloodlust towards those who wrong you has increased.”
    • “Perhaps it is time I trained you myself.”

Squeamish Shikai

  • Requirement – Completing Missions
  • Tier 1 Shikai Whisper –
    • “Who are you..? Why do you continue to take souls..?”
    • “Your violence is senseless.. Do you expect me to lend you power like this?”
    • “Only the weak resort to killing those who cannot fight back.”
    • “Do you value your life?”
  • Tier 2 Shikai Whisper –
    • “I see you are changing.. for the better.”
    • “I have taken a liking to you.. but with all the fighting you do you will die.”
    • “You and I are starting to see more in common..”
  • Tier 3 Shikai Whisper –
    • “Perhaps it is time I teach you how to survive in this world.”
    • “The power I have lended you should assist you in your endeavors.”

Kind Hearted Shikai

  • Requirement – Purify the lost soul NPCS
  • Tier 1 Shikai Whisper –
    • “Keep working hard. One day, you’ll be able to meet me.”
    • “Your work ethic is impressive. I’m glad we are one.”
    • “I don’t know you yet.. but you have potential.”
  • Tier 2 Shikai Whisper –
    • “You uphold the pride of a Soul Reaper well.”
    • “You’re getting there. Keep at it.”
    • “Do not allow setbacks to falter your spirit.”
  • Tier 3 Shikai Whisper –
    • “I’m proud of you. It’s time.”
    • “We are one.”
    • “Use my power to attain the next stage.”

That’s all you will need on not enough Shikai EXP in Type Soul. If you found this guide helpful, do check out our other Type Soul guides in our dedicated section at Guideer.

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