How To Apply Elden Ring Seppuku Buff To Both Weapons At The Same Time

Are you a dual-wielding enjoyer who also likes the Seppuku buff in Elden Ring? Well, rejoice, you don’t have to settle for one as here is a method that lets you apply it on both weapons and use together.

How To Apply Elden Ring Seppuku Buff To Both Weapons At The Same Time

Bleed builds can be very overpowered, be it using Reduvia dagger to spam Blood Blade, or if you are using Corpse Piler of Rivers of Blood. Similarly, one such beloved Ash of War is Seppuku. Many players are wondering how they can apply Seppuku to both weapons at the same time in Elden Ring.

This is a fair concern because when you don’t know the trick and change your weapon the game considers it a weapon switch and the buff gets wasted. So this is what you have to actually do:

How to Apply and Use Seppuku Buff on Both Weapons in Elden Ring

How To Apply Elden Ring Seppuku Buff To Both Weapons At The Same Time

You can use Seppuku by starting with dual handling your weapon on the left hand.

  1. Equip your left-hand weapon and dual handle/two-hand it.
    • Press and hold the Triangle button and press L1 for PlayStation.
    • Press and hold the Y button and press LB for Xbox.
    • Press and hold E and use light attack.
  2. Use its Ash of War, that is Seppuku. Your left weapon has now been applied with the buff.
  3. Now, switch to dual-wielding. This will bring out your right-handed weapon.
  4. This time use Seppuku of your main hand weapon.
  5. Finally, equip your left-hand weapon and it will still have the buff.

Now you can make the most out of your bleed build with double Seppuku buff. While its effects only last for 60 seconds, it gives you an additional 30 base bleed build-up and 30 physical damage. So twice the buff means 60 each. Additionally, you can stack its effects with Lord of Blood’s Exultation talisman and White Mask Helm!

With that, you shouldn’t have any trouble using double Seppuku buff. Speaking of the bleed weapons, you should also check out how to get colossal bleed swords, and how arcane affects bleed.

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