How To Deconstruct Buildings In Infection Free Zone

Here’s how you can demolish a building in Infection Free Zone and make your base look tidy.

How To Deconstruct Buildings In Infection Free Zone

I bet there will be several buildings in your base that you just want to demolish in Infection Free Zone. Not only this will clear out the area but will also help you get some resources like bricks and metals. Deconstructing an abandoned house absolutely makes sense if it can’t be acquired for taking shelter or something else. So if you find any such building near your HQ, here’s how you can deconstruct it in Infection Free Zone.

How to Demolish a Building in Infection Free Zone

How To Deconstruct Buildings In Infection Free Zone

To deconstruct a building in Infection Free Zone, simply click on it. Then you can click on the hammer (demolish) button on the menu that appears in the top right corner. After doing so, the selected building will be queued for deconstruction. You can assign multiple people from your group to quickly finish the demolishing work. Note that a bigger building takes more time to get torn down. So it is advised that you get more people in Infection Free Zone to assign this task, without disturbing others.

In case you want to stop the deconstruction process then you can do it by clicking on the “X” icon. This icon shows up on the window after selecting the targeted building.

The biggest advantage of deconstructing buildings in Infection Free Zone is that it increases your sight. Because often, your Watch Tower won’t be able to detect a nearby horde of zombies because of the obstruction created by the building.

That’s all you can do to Deconstruct Buildings in Infection Free Zone. For more information related to this game, you can check out our dedicated section for it on Guideer.

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