How to Equip and Unequip Skills in Type Soul

The Type Soul Skill Tree is one of the most important parts of combat and players will have to understand how to equip certain skills. Our guide has covered everything you will need on that.

How to Equip and Unequip Skills in Type Soul

Whether you are in ranked combat or a normal match, you must earn SP and get more Skills in Type Soul. Skills are one of the most important parts of combat, whether you are a Soul Reaper or a Hollow. Players can earn SP while playing the game, and these can be used to unlock skills from three different skill trees. Once they do, equipping them will be quite easy since you have to assign them to a number.

The game is heavily inspired by the anime and manga series Bleach, so there are numerous in-game mechanics that players might not know if they have no idea of anime. Fortunately, this Type Soul Trello is enough for them to grasp what the game offers. If you are completely new to the game as well, this Trello will be quite helpful, so make sure you check it out.

How to Equip Skills in Type Soul

How to Equip and Unequip Skills in Type Soul

Once you unlock any Skills in Type Soul, you can select the Skill and press the Equip box to assign a number to that particular skill. Players can check their Skill Tree by pressing N. Do note that most Passive Skills won’t have to be equipped, while skills like Flash Step can be completed differently. Nevertheless, once you collect the necessary SP and unlock a skill, you can easily equip it.

If you want to unequip a particular skill before assigning another one, click the one you want to remove, and you will find an option to unequip it. Alternatively, you can select the new skill you want to use and assign the number you wish to remove from your combat. SP is difficult to get in Type Soul, so it will be some time before you worry about unequipping skills.

That’s all you will need to equip or unequip skills in Type Soul. If you found this guide helpful, do check out our other Type Soul guides in our dedicated section here at Guideer.

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