How To Flip Car In A Dusty Trip – Answered

Not able to flip your Car back in A Dusty Trip? Here’s what you can do about it.

How To Flip Car In A Dusty Trip – Answered

Imagine driving at 100 Km/hr and getting your vehicle flipped over because of a tiny rock in the middle of the road. This mishap is very much possible in the desert landscape of A Dusty Trip. That’s why learning how to bring your Car or Van back on the wheels is important. I technically won’t suggest using a Dynamite because it can damage your vehicle. However, there’s another way to Flip your Car in A Dusty Trip, and we will explain that in this guide.

How to Flip Your Car and Van in A Dusty Trip

You must push your car to flip it in A Dusty Trip. This is done by pressing the “F” key (Grab) on the body of your Car. Make sure not to grab any attached parts like the door or wheel because you may detach them. So grab the frame or body of the car.

How To Flip Car In A Dusty Trip – Answered

More specifically, I want you to crouch and press the grab key while aiming at the back portion of your Car (refer to the above image). Try spamming this until the Car is launched in the air. After this, your car or van will be flipped in a Dusty Trip.

After flipping the vehicle, make sure to refuel it. Because during all this circus, the fuel inside the car will get emptied. I always suggest attaching a Fuel Can to the vehicle in emergencies.

In a rare case, your vehicle may flip neither up nor down but in the middle. If that happens, you must push it further until it goes in the air again and falls on its wheel. Finding the right angle is not that difficult.

That’s all you can do to flip your Car in A Dusty Trip. Aside from this, if you want some tips to make your Car go faster, then we have a guide for you to check out. Feel free to access it in our dedicated section for A Dusty Trip.

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