How To Get All Forms Of Kurosaki Ichigo In Sakura Stand

Obtain the Kurosaki Ichigo Spec in Sakura Stand and take down the Hollows and Adjuchas easily.

How To Get All Forms Of Kurosaki Ichigo In Sakura Stand

Kurosaki Ichigo Spec is now obtainable in the Sakura Stand. Consisting of 4 stages it needs a lot of grinding or luck. You would have to spend the cash and step into the newly added area, Hueco Mundo. During the journey, you will be meeting an NPC, taking and completing a quest, as well as collecting the elusive fragments to evolve into the final form. Furthermore, there is an alternative to grinding, but its rate is low and you will still have to get the fragments required for the last stage. With that clear, let’s make no delay and perform steps to get all forms of the Shikai.

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  • How to Get Ichigo Spec in Sakura Stand
    • Stage 1 Ichigo Spec
    • Stage 2 Ichigo Spec
    • Stage 3 Ichigo Spec
    • Stage 4 Ichigo Spec

How to Get Ichigo Spec in Sakura Stand

How To Get All Forms Of Kurosaki Ichigo In Sakura Stand

There are two ways to get the Kurosaki Ichigo Spec in the Sakura Stand. The first is completing the below stage 1 task, and the second is rolling for it in the banner. No matter which method you use, both require you to be Standless. Standless are basically humans with no character spec, if you have just started the game you will be equipping it by default. On the other hand, if you already have a spec, you will need to use the Rokakaka to reset and become Standless. The banner you will be using for it is Substitute Shinigami, costing 250 Tokens for x1 Roll and 2500 for x10 Rolls.

Tip: Rokakaka can be found in the boxes and purchased from Auddy’s Shop.

Stage 1 Ichigo Spec

The version 1 Ichigo is dropped by the Hollows, however, the rate is very slim. At times you might even have to take down dozens of these empty beings to get your hands on it as a Standless. This is why you should take the entry ticket to the Hueco Mundo for $2000 from the Urahara Shop and enter the world full of Hollows. You find its portal on the left of the shop and the Hollows will spawn every few minutes in there.

Stage 2 Ichigo Spec

Once you have obtained the first version, you must equip it and hunt down more Hollows till the second stage is activated. Alternatively, you can roll for it in the Substitute Shinigami after you have equipped the first spec.

Stage 3 Ichigo Spec

How To Get All Forms Of Kurosaki Ichigo In Sakura Stand

You will now have to upgrade version 2 to level 3 by hunting and then find the Kisuke in Kisuke’s house (Sakurian City). When you talk with the NPC, it will ask you to complete a quest of killing 20 Hollows and 1 Adjucha. Accept the quest and go to the Hueco Mundo to complete the task.

Stage 4 Ichigo Spec

After completing the quest head to meet the Kisuke and you will learn that Hogyoku Fragment is needed for the final form. It is a rare drop of the Adjuchas, so again enter the Hollow world portal and grind till it’s dropped. When you have obtained it, go into the Inventory and consume it to activate the form and unlock all moves.

That’s all you have to know and do to get Ichigo Spec in Sakura Stand. For more topics like this, you should check out our Roblox section. We have covered topics like how to Parry and get Tokens.

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