How To Get And Use Spirit Boxes In Type Soul

Once you are able to get your hands on Spirit Boxes in Type Soul, you can unlock some dynamic weapons. Here’s your guide on how you can get and use these loot boxes.

How To Get And Use Spirit Boxes In Type Soul

Although the Hollow race has its Hollow Boxes, if your character is a Quincy, then you need to know all about the Spirit Boxes in Type Soul. These loot boxes consist of unique weapons for the Quincy players. Getting these boxes can be immensely helpful, especially if you are looking for a new weapon to use while fighting dangerous foes.

If you need help with locating and opening these special loot boxes, here’s everything you need to be aware of before you begin hunting these Spirit Boxes.

How to Get Spirit Boxes in Type Soul

How To Get And Use Spirit Boxes In Type Soul

As mentioned earlier, the loot inside these boxes will be Quincy-specific. There are two distinct ways of obtaining them. The first method is taking part in raids.

Competing in raids can get you a plethora of unique items in Type Soul. Similarly, after participating and winning a PvP match, you will be rewarded with a Spirit Box, at the end of the round.

On the other hand, if you’re tired of raids or don’t want to participate in any combat, Quincy players can also opt to purchase Spirit Boxes in Type Soul.

You will have to visit the Karakura Town shop and buy the box for 80,000 Kan. Keep in mind that you will be able to purchase only one of these boxes for this amount.

How to Use Spirit Boxes in Type Soul

Once you have acquired a Spirit Box, to open and use the weapon inside it, you will first need to equip it in an action slot in your Inventory. You will then have to press the slot number and left-click.

By doing this, your character will respawn with the weapon you have unlocked through the loot box. Here’s the list of the weapons you could possibly get from the Spirit Boxes in Type Soul –

  • Antithesis
  • Cang Du Claws
  • Cutlass
  • Jugramshield
  • Schwert
  • Quincyglock
  • Quilge
  • Warden

This is everything you need to know about getting and using Spirit Boxes in Type Soul. If you are looking to level up in this Roblox game, find out how you can trade items and how you can check your Exp.

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