How To Get Bloodmoon Twins In King Legacy

Wish to possess Bloodmoon Twins, the strongest blade in King Legacy? Here’s our guide that can help you find this weapon.

How To Get Bloodmoon Twins In King Legacy

Nothing can stop you in your path if you have the Bloodmoon Twins in King Legacy. This formidable weapon can easily overpower any Pirate or Samurai that comes before you. So, if you want to be the top guy on the server, unlocking the Bloodmoon Twins should be on your checklist. As powerful as this blade sounds, acquiring it is equally complex in this Roblox Experience. Obtaining it has its own set of requirements that you must fulfill beforehand. Here’s a guide to help you understand how to get this weapon.

How to Get Bloodmoon Twins in Roblox King Legacy

Let’s talk about the requirements before getting down to business. To get the Bloodmoon Twins sword, you must have an Ethereal Sword and a Hell Sword in King Legacy. We have made separate guides on how to get them. You can check them out before going for the Bloodmoon Twins. One more thing: Hell Sword can be obtained in the same way as the Muramasa Sword. So it’s a win-win situation for you. Apart from that, you are also going to need 22,500,000 Beli.

Once you have all of the above, you can begin obtaining Bloodmoon Twins in King Legacy. Refer to the steps below and get started:

  1. Talk to Yamamoto
  2. Complete Medium’s Quest
  3. Search for the Ghost
  4. Go back to Medium
  5. Defeat Samurai Soul

Talk to Yamamoto

How To Get Bloodmoon Twins In King Legacy

Firstly, go to the Castle in the Third Sea and interact with Yamamoto. Speak to her, exhaust all the dialogues, and select “Chapter 1“. Afterward, go to the Warrior Statue in the Castle and talk to it. Click Next and select “Chapter 2” from the dialogue box. You should now return to Yamamoto, speak to her, and select “Chapter 3” from the dialogue box.

Complete Medium’s Quest

How To Get Bloodmoon Twins In King Legacy

Once you are done speaking to Yamamoto, go to the Docks and interact with an NPC known as Medium. Agree to Medium when he asks if you are interested in learning the power to communicate with Spirits. After this segment, Medium will give you the task of igniting 10 Torches using your Hell Sword. However, you only have 5 minutes, so be quick. You can check out this video by Exzikiel08, wherein he mentions the location of all the Torches.

Search for the Ghost

How To Get Bloodmoon Twins In King Legacy

Return to Medium after lighting up all the Torches, and he will give you another task: finding a ghost. You don’t have to wander much because there’s a graveyard behind the castle where you can find a Warrior Spirit (ghost). The Warrior Spirit will give you the task of defeating 100 Monkeys on the night of Blood Moon. So be ready with what you have and defeat 100 Monkeys when the Moon is all Red.

Note: The Blood Moon appears every three nights on the Third Sea. Since it is unlikely that you can defeat all 100 Monkeys in one go, you can wait until the next Blood Moon appears and continue with the killing spree. Otherwise, you can hop into another server where the Blood Moon is still present. Also, you can speak to the Warrior Spirit if you want to know your kill count.

Go back to Medium

After defeating 100 Monkeys, your next step is to interact with the Warrior Spirit again. The Spirit will thank you, after which you must go and talk to Medium again. This NPC will once again ask you to ignite 10 Torches, but this time, you will have a 10-minute timer. Luckily, the location of the torches remains unchanged, so finding them is a piece of cake.

Defeat Samurai Soul

How To Get Bloodmoon Twins In King Legacy

A Samurai Soul boss will appear on the screen when you ignite the final torch. This will be your final test so make sure you defeat this boss. Return to Medium after defeating Samurai Soul and pay him 22,500,000 Beli to purchase Bloodmoon Twins in King Legacy.

Now that you have the Bloodmoon Twins, you can use it to dominate any enemy across all the Seas. This blade is indeed the Mount Rushmore of all the weapons in King Legacy. Speaking of weapons, you might want to try the Demon Trident as well. We have a guide that can help you get this weapon with ease.

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