How To Get More People in Infection Free Zone

Want to get more people in Infection Free Zone? Here’s how you can make it happen.

How To Get More People in Infection Free Zone

In Infection Free Zone, finding more people is extremely crucial for survival, especially when your group is lacking some help. Newly introduced people can be assigned various roles like a Builder, Factory Worker, Scientist, Nurse, etc. But as you know, going out of the base means inviting the zombies for dinner. So knowing where and how to look for more people in Infection Free Zone is very important. Otherwise, you are just going to be a midnight snack for the undead.

How to Find More People in Infection Free Zone

The most obvious way to add more people to your base is by exploring the outer world in Infection Free Zone. You can find some survivors taking shelter inside the buildings and some randomly walking on the streets. I suggest you investigate buildings and abandoned houses every time you are in the outer world. If you are lucky, you will get a group of people whom you can send to your HQ and make them your citizen.

How To Get More People in Infection Free Zone

Another way to get more people in Infection Free Zone is by sending invites through Antenna. Make sure that you have built this tool on your base so you can send invites via radio transmissions. If there are any survivors out there, they will respond to your invite and will begin to head toward your base. It’s up to you if you want to help them reach faster or let them come on their own. You can always send a group of your citizens to help them get to your base safely.

Often, you will receive radio transmissions notifying you that there are survivors near your base. You can either choose to befriend them or go hostile as they can be attackers in disguise. To tackle them, I recommend sending your citizens with weapons to fight back. Or else, you may lose people instead of adding more of them.

Tips for Accommodating More People in Infection Free Zone

How To Get More People in Infection Free Zone

One of the most common problems you will face while accommodating more people is meeting their requirements. Amongst everything, Food is going to be on top of the list. So your topmost priority should be producing enough food to satisfy the hunger of your citizens. You can do this by assigning tasks like farming and food production to the newly introduced people in the group.

Aside from producing food, you should also look out for healing wounded people in your group. Luckily, you can assign Nurses to craft health kits and heal those who are injured. Similar to this, several other posts like Scientist, Guards, Scavengers, etc. boost your survivability.

So that’s all you should know about getting more people in Infection Free Zone. Now that you are here, why don’t you check out our guide on Cheats and Console Commands to ease up your fight against the zombies?

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