How To Get Pet Sim 99 Huge Pets?

Looking to get your hands on some Huge Pets in Pet Sim 99? This guide covers all the necessary steps through which you can do so.

How To Get Pet Sim 99 Huge Pets?

There are numerous pets that players can collect in Pet Sim 99, but the ones they are most fascinated about are the most difficult. While there are many, each of them comes in different shapes, sizes, and rarities so if you are someone who breaks the bank to get Huge Pets in Pet Simulator 99, it’s not much of a surprise to me. However, Huge Pets in PS99 are the hardest to get, and if the pet is quite rare in the game, it would be even more difficult to find one.

Huge Pets are quite strong and are often stronger than some of your best pets. However, there are quite a few rarities even among Huge Pets, with the Shiny ones being the strongest. They also fetch a lump sum on the markets if you decide to sell them sometime. Since you are looking for the best ways to get Huge Pets in Pet Sim 99, this guide is all you will need.

How to Get Huge Pets in Pet Simulator 99

How To Get Pet Sim 99 Huge Pets?

There are three ways in which players can get their hands on Huge Pets in Pet Simulator 99: through real money via trading, by finding exclusive eggs, and, of course, by hatching eggs. Hatching eggs is probably the rarest method among these, which is why players should try the alternative options almost every time. Nevertheless, it’s not impossible, so if you hatch some Legendary eggs, you might get lucky.

There are five types of Huge Pets in PS99 that players might be able to get:

  • Huge Pets
  • Evolved Huge Pets
  • Golden Huge Pets
  • Rainbow Huge Pets
  • Shiny Huge Pets

As they progress from level 1 to 99, these guys can help players deal much damage. Using these pets more often will allow players to amass some XP for them quicker, which is why players should keep doing that.

That’s all you will need from this guide. If you found this guide useful, do check out our other Pet Simulator 99 guides in our dedicated Roblox section right here at Guideer.

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