How To Give Weapons To Tower Workers In Infection Free Zone

Built your tower but can’t equip it with weapons in Infection Free Zone? Worry not, the steps are quite easy, and here is what you do.

How To Give Weapons To Tower Workers In Infection Free Zone

Survival games and tower defense are quite an inseparable duo when it comes to gaming. But while you can create a tower to defend yourself there are still ways to improve your defenses. One such thing you must do in Infection Free Zone is to equip your towers with weapons. They aren’t exactly assigned these weapons rather you give them to the workers there. So if you aren’t sure how to go about it, then here is what you do:

How to Equip Tower Weapons in Infection Free Zone

How To Give Weapons To Tower Workers In Infection Free Zone

You can assign Tower weapons by making the workers equip them and then selecting the tower.

  1. Choose and click the weapon that you wish to use and put it in the HQ storage building.
  2. Next, click on the tower that you want to equip your weapon to.
  3. Now, choose the weapon from your warehouse that you wish to assign to your tower.
  4. Make sure you pick a weapon that matches the number of workers at your tower. In case you have fewer weapons and more workers then the game warns you about it and only one of the workers gets to use it instead of them all.
  5. If done everything correctly a worker will go to the Storage to pick up the weapons and bring them back, and will now equip them.

Can You Use Equip Different Tower Weapons?

No, at a time you can only use one set of weapons that you assign to a worker. So if you give one of them a rifle, every worker will be assigned a rifle. As mentioned above make sure you assign them the weapon that is available for everyone to use.

That is all for how you can equip towers and use weapons in Infection Free Zone. For more help on this game be sure to also check our guides on how to fix save files getting corrupted, move the HQ, and heal.

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