How To Reach Hollow Menos Form In Type Soul

Wondering how you can reach the second stage of Hollow, Menos in Type Soul. Here is all you have to do for the form.

How To Reach Hollow Menos Form In Type Soul

No matter which race you wish to take, dying is the first step towards them all. So, why not just rip off the chain of fate and embrace the Hollow form? Becoming Hollow isn’t as bad as one would imagine when you can progress to the Vastocar. However, to reach that form, you must first take on other forms, like Menos in Type Soul. It is the second stage of your Hollow progression from where you can turn into the Adjucha and Menosaur.

While Adjucha is the third stage of Hollow, Menosaur is part of the hidden race Arrancar – whose option is not available in the Race selection of the slots. You don’t need to look up that separately, as we have given the way to become Menos Grande and transform into Adjucha and Menosaur.

How to Get Menos in Type Soul

How To Reach Hollow Menos Form In Type Soul

Since now you don’t have to go through the long process to choose the race, you can simply select the Hollow while creating your character in the slot. Once you have selected the Hollow, you will be teleported to the Hueco Mundo. This barren land is crawling with the Hollows, all you have to do now is kill and eat them using the B key.

After eating a certain number of Hollows you will turn into Menos (Menos Grande). You don’t necessarily have to kill them, so if you come across dead ones, you can consume them too. Consuming Menos will shorten the process, and you will instantly get the Menos form.

How to Become Adjucha

Similar to the Menos form, all you have to do here is kill other Fishbone and Menos. It is a tall form but extremely slow, so it will take ages when you simply kill normal ones. As an alternative to that, you should find and kill NPC Menos in the Menos Forest area of Hueco Mundo. You can reach there by falling into the black pits found on the map.

How to Become Menosaur

Once you have become Menos, you can become the Menosaur by taking off the mask. To take it off, you have to press Ctrl + K, however, it is important to know that this is the weakest form of the Arrancar. If you want to become the most powerful one take off the mask after becoming the Vastolorde.

That’s all you have to know and do to become Menos in Type Soul. For more topics like this, be sure to check our dedicated section. There you can learn about the Vamp Segunda and Full Res.

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