How To Spend Diamonds In AFK Journey

Accumulated a lot of gems but not sure where you should use them? Here’s the best way to spend Diamonds in AFK Journey.

How To Spend Diamonds In AFK Journey

In AFK Journey, Diamonds are the premium currency you obtain from Recycle, PvP, Dream Realm, Story, and more. Although there are many ways to earn it in the game, the amount you will be making would be a lot less than you would prefer to spend it on. With multiple choices including the Rate Up Recruitment, it is easy to get swayed and spend them all excessively. That might seem like the most optimal use of the currency, but there are many excellent alternatives that you should check out beforehand. With that said, here are the best places to spend gems on.

Table of Contents

  • What to Spend Diamonds on in AFK Journey
    • Guild Store
    • Hero Summon
    • AFK Progress Rewards
    • Arena Challenge Tickets

What to Spend Diamonds on in AFK Journey

How To Spend Diamonds In AFK Journey

As you progress into the story and unlock different parts of the map, you will constantly require heroes with diverse abilities and specialties. With the help of Diamonds, you will boost their growth and even obtain some new ones useful for Arena and AFK stages. Thus, utilizing these four ways should be your priority:

Guild Store

The store sometimes sells rare items that require a lot of grinding and even spending actual currency when the need arises. Very often we find items like Essences, Soul Sigils, Acorns, Invitation Letters, and plenty of other resources useful for the hero progression and summon. Among those all, the best one to spend Diamonds on would be Essence – we need it to unlock Hero Focus skills and level up Exclusive Equipment. The Daily and Monthly sections of the store have more options in the high-level guilds, so if you are part of such a team, it is best to stock up on useful resources.

Hero Summon

The AFK Journey has a plethora of heroes divided into different classes. Since they bring various sets of abilities, there is no point in holding the Invitation Letter, rather than spending them, especially in All-Hero Recruitment. However, it wouldn’t take you much time to spend them all and yet be unable to get a good or even a decent summon. For that reason, you should make a hero wish list and then spend Diamonds for the summons.

AFK Progress Rewards

If you don’t have much time to log in and collect AFK rewards accumulated after the cooldown, you can spend Diamonds to skip it twice a day. However, we would not recommend using this when you are at the low level of the AFK Stage. The resources are not worth spending premium currency for those stages.

Arena Challenge Tickets

Arena is a place where you can get the Diamonds by spending Diamonds. Yes, you heard that right – spend them on the Challenge Tickets and take part in the battle. As you rank higher in the tier you will get a first-time reward of this currency and obtain other resources like the Guild Tokens and Coins. Since Challenge Tickets are limited, those who are planning to level up their guild should go for this option.

These were all the places where you should spend Diamonds in AFK Journey. Since a lot of these methods involve guilds, if you are part of an inactive one, here is how to leave a Guild.

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