How To Store Items In Type Soul

There are numerous items that you can collect in Type Soul however, there are only a few places where you can store them. If you are looking to keep hold of some items, it’s best that you check out how to stack them away.

How To Store Items In Type Soul

Type Soul takes inspiration from the anime and manga series Bleach and most of the NPCs in the game would be familiar faces for fans of the series. However, if you are new to it, you won’t know many of these NPCs even if you pass them. While the Type Soul Trello can help fill up a few pieces, you would still need help with a few things. Since there is a vast amount of items that can be collected by the players, there needs to be a place to stack them. Fortunately, there is an NPC who will help you store items in Type Soul.

If you have experienced Type Soul for a few hours, you would know that one of the most anguishing tasks is to find NPCs in important towns and locations. However, if you are looking to store items that you find in the game, you will have to learn to find one particular NPC who can help.

How to Store Items in Type Soul

How To Store Items In Type Soul

To Store Items in Type Soul, you will have to find the NPC Nel and she will hold onto all your items for an infinite amount of time. If you don’t know where to go looking to find her, follow these steps below:

  • Starting from the tunnel entrance in Karakura Town which is near the location where you find Kisuke, turn left and start walking.
  • Soon, you will land on a sandy area and you will have to forward through the sand till you reach a road.
  • Once you reach the road, turn left and then keep following the road till you reach an NPC in green clothes lying on one of the benches. That would be Nel, the NPC you are looking for who will store your items.

Simply start an interaction with her and once you start a dialog, click OK and you will see two menus pop up. One of these is your Inventory while the other is Storage. Move items from your inventory to the storage and they will be stored with her. Make sure that the items you put in storage are not the ones you would need immediately in Type Soul.

Nel is certainly quite a useful NPC and you won’t have to worry about losing your items any longer. Since you are playing Type Soul, you should check out our guides to get accessories, God’s Prize, and more, right here at Guideer.

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