How To Trade In Type Soul – Answered

Want to Trade an Item in Type Soul? Here’s how you can find like-minded players for trading.

How To Trade In Type Soul – Answered

One of the best ways to eliminate the items in your Inventory is by trading them in Type Soul. You won’t be getting any cash in return. Instead, you will have to do barter trade with other players on the server. This means you will also have to find players interested in making any transaction with you. But before all this, you must find an NPC known as Rin. This NPC is specifically designed for players who want to Trade in Type Soul. Knowing where to find this NPC and start trading is what you need to do.

How to Find Rin in Type Soul

How To Trade In Type Soul – Answered

You must go to the Basketball court in Karakura Town to find Rin. For a first-timer, finding Rin will be difficult, so follow these directions:

  1. Go straight from the tunnel spawn point in Karakura Town.
  2. After walking for a while, you will find the suspension bridge on the right side.
  3. Cross the bridge, and you will find the Basketball court on the following road.
  4. Rin is standing on the road next to the court in a white dress.

Once you have found Rin, interact with him to start trading items.

How to Trade in Type Soul

How To Trade In Type Soul – Answered

After interacting with Rin, you will get a list of all the players on the server. You can choose any player from whom you want to trade something. While the list of players is on the left side, your Trade Requests are in the right slot. Also, it is worth noting that you can not trade with a player of a different Race. For example, Hollows can not trade with a Quincy or Soul Reaper but with another Hollow.

That’s everything you should know before making a Trade in Type Soul. For more informative guides like how to get Hollow Box and Hollow Essence, be sure to check out our guides on them.

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