How To Use Sword In Type Soul

Wondering how you can unsheathe your sword and use it in Type Soul? Here’s a guide that will show you exactly how to equip it and use it.

How To Use Sword In Type Soul

Type Soul is heavily inspired by the anime and manga series Bleach and that means, whether you are a Trainee Shikigami or have gone through transformations, you would definitely have a sword. While there are many Soul Reaper weapons that you can unlock, a sword is where you start your hunt for Hollows and if you don’t know how to unsheathe and equip your Sword in Type Soul, this guide will show you what to do.

Since the game has gone through a major update and there is no clear instruction, players are finding it hard to equip the sword. Also, the game is based on a manga series and if players haven’t gone through it, they might miss out on some important information. Fortunately, the Type Soul Trello and our wiki cover almost everything that you will need to know to ace in the game so do check it out.

How to Equip Sword in Type Soul

How To Use Sword In Type Soul

If you are looking to unsheathe and equip your Sword in Type Soul, you will need to press E. You can then swing it towards the enemy Hollow in the region. A combination of Dash (Q) and Critical (R) will help you take it down quickly and you can once again focus on leveling up. Since you would want to reach the Shikai and Bankai levels, you will have to defeat as many Hollows as possible among other things.

Along with a Sword, players will be able to unlock many other abilities like Shikai Elements and you would certainly want the best ones when you face the likes of Arrancars and Vasto Lorde. As Soul Reapers, you will also unlock many Shikai Weapons that will also help you in your quest to get Bankai and defeat the enemies. Once you unlock them, you can find these items in the Menu. Soul Reaper weapons can also be accessed by pressing J once they are equipped.

That’s all you will need to equip your Sword in Type Soul. If you found this guide helpful, do check out our other Type Soul guides in our dedicated section right here at Guideer.

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