King Legacy: How To Obtain Night Necklace

Looking for a neat accessory as a sword user? You should get yourself the Night Necklace in King Legacy.

King Legacy: How To Obtain Night Necklace

Night Necklace is a Legendary accessory that you can get in King Legacy. If you have been playing for a while you must know that this game takes heavy inspiration from One Piece, and this item is no different. This necklace is based on the one worn by Dracule Mihawk the former Warlord of the Sea.

In this game, it is very handy because not only does it boost your Sword damage by 10%, but it also gives you a +5% damage reduction when taking hits from swords. This makes it an item worth obtaining, especially if you are someone who prefers using swords over other fighting styles or Devil fruit powers.

How to Get the Night Necklace in King Legacy

King Legacy: How To Obtain Night Necklace

You have a chance to get it as a drop after you defeat the boss Mike.

  1. Start by taking on Raids. Make sure you play it on Normal mode.
  2. Survive and get past the 30 waves.
  3. You can now fight Mike.
  4. Defeat him and you have a 1% chance to get the Night Necklace.

Since it doesn’t exactly drop frequently you need to rely a lot on luck and fight him repeatedly, which can make the grind harder.

Is Night Necklace Worth It?

Depending on how committed you are to the grind it is both worth it and not worth it. While it gives decent buffs, they are totally optional. Especially if you already have something like the Shimenawa Belt which gives you +15% Sword damage, or Prestige Dagger which gives you +15% Sword damage and +5% extra health. But if you don’t have other Sword based accessories then you should go for it.

How to Use Night Necklace

Night Necklace’s main use is to get the buffs explained above. Previously, you also needed to equip it if you wanted to awaken the Night blade. Thankfully, it is no longer required now.

Now you know everything about the Night Necklace and whether or not you should get it. If you got bored of using swords and want to try out a fruit then you should check out the Snow Snow No Mi since you can awaken it to V2. Additionally, you should also check out how to get full body Haki, this will help you fight Logia users.

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