Kingdom Guard Tier List of the Best Heroes

Not sure which Heroes to pick for battle in Kingdom Guardian? Here’s our Tier List that can help you through it.

Kingdom Guard Tier List of the Best Heroes

Having the Best Heroes in your Kingdom Guard Troop is very important, regardless of whether you are playing PvE or PvP matches. Fortunately, you are given enough characters to pick your winning combinations from. The only trouble is knowing which Heroes are better than the rest so you can recruit them as a priority. To help you with that, here’s our Kingdom Guard Hero Tier List that ranks all the Heroes in a best-to-worst order.

Kingdom Guard Hero Tier List (2024)

Kingdom Guard Tier List of the Best Heroes

Below, you will find all the Heroes ranked from S Tier to D Tier. Those in the S Tier have the best skills and excel in offensive and defensive gameplay. As you go down, you will find characters who are comparatively less strong and resilient than characters in the S Tier. With that said, here is our Kingdom Guard Hero Tier List:

Tiers Kingdom Guard Heroes Class
S Tier Padme Archer
S Tier Tracy Fire
S Tier Erika Fire
S Tier Tumnus Poison
S Tier Clarance Ice
S Tier Filius Ice
S Tier Lovelace Fire
A Tier Sahar Archer
A Tier Gruen Poison
A Tier Meg  Archer
A Tier Johannes Archer
A Tier Pan Archer
A Tier Fatima  Archer
A Tier Bella Archer
A Tier Montag Archer
A Tier Daria Fire
A Tier Cosette Fire
A Tier Vanessa Fire
A Tier Rosamond Poison
A Tier Rogers Poison
A Tier Suad Poison
A Tier Phythia Poison
A Tier Luvia Poison
A Tier Hana Ice
A Tier Ao Deng Ge Ri Le Ice
A Tier Judy Ice
A Tier Keith Ice
A Tier Paula Ice
A Tier Jessica Ice
A Tier Pedra Ice
B Tier Ptolemy Archer
B Tier Sebastian Archer
B Tier Livia Archer
B Tier Maya Archer
B Tier Colin  Archer
B Tier Arwin Archer
B Tier Richard Archer
B Tier Torvi Archer
B Tier Simon Fire
B Tier Miku Fire
B Tier Christie Fire
B Tier Kenshiro Fire
B Tier Brie Fire
B Tier Penny Fire
B Tier Rila Poison
B Tier Lilith Poison
B Tier Chiyoko Poison
B Tier Au Yue Ice
C Tier Trist  Archer
C Tier Kadir Archer
C Tier O’Neil Archer
C Tier Ariza Archer
C Tier Dean Fire
C Tier Paul Fire
C Tier Wallis Fire
C Tier Dolvar Fire
C Tier Allen Fire
C Tier Giselle Fire
C Tier Apollo Fire
C Tier Benjamin Poison
C Tier Lomax Poison
C Tier Meniere Poison
C Tier Blackwell Poison
C Tier Wendy Poison
C Tier Suad Poison
C Tier Lilani  Ice
C Tier Vera Ice
C Tier Parr Ice
C Tier Maud Ice
C Tier Nathaniel Ice
C Tier Rudolph Ice
D Tier Gabriel  Archer
D Tier Arthur  Archer
D Tier Jennifer Archer
D Tier Harold Archer
D Tier Arwyn Archer
D Tier Dain  Fire
D Tier Anko Fire
D Tier Gro Fire
D Tier Kris Fire
D Tier Ophelia Fire
D Tier Samar Fire
D Tier Catherine Poison
D Tier Claudia Poison
D Tier Isaac Poison
D Tier Alucard Poison
D Tier Hadi  Ice
D Tier Nicole Ice
D Tier Ralph Ice
D Tier Merlin Ice

According to our Tier List, you can blindly pick characters like Padme, Tracy, Erika, etc in Kingdom Guard as they rank well. But you should note that these characters require a little practice before you can take their advantage. So make sure to play a few practice sessions with our top picks to quickly learn about their arsenal.

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