Legacy Piece: How To Get 1 Sword Style (1SS)

Bored of fighting using devil fruit powers in Legacy Piece? It is time you give the 1 sword style a try.

Legacy Piece: How To Get 1 Sword Style (1SS)

There are several One Piece based games on Roblox each aimed to give you different experiences with unique fighting styles, powers, and more. One such fighting technique that players want to get in Legacy Piece is the 1 Sword Style also known as the 1SS.

Out of the 4 styles the game has to offer, this lets you make the most of your katana. You unlock 5 moves with it and getting it is fairly easy, here is what you have to do:

How to Get One Sword Style (1SS) in Legacy Piece

Legacy Piece: How To Get 1 Sword Style (1SS)

You can learn the One Sword Style from Sword Style Trainer.

  1. Start by purchasing and equipping a sword. You can find one on the island where you start the game.
  2. Next, level up until you are at least level 25.
  3. Now, get on your ship and travel to the Shells Island.
  4. Don’t dock here, you need to go to the back of the island and head straight. Try keeping your ship directed between Northeast and East.
  5. You will now spot a new island. Once you enter you should set a Spawn Point.
  6. Next, find the NPC “Sword Style Trainer”, go and talk to him to start the quest.
  7. His quest requires you to complete the following tasks:
    • Defeat 2 Trainee Swordsman
    • Strengthen your body – do weight training
    • Defeat the Instructor x2
    • Defeat the Final Instructor
    • Defeat Mirage Lotus
  8. After you complete each task talk to the Trainer NPC.
  9. Finally, after you beat Mirage Lotus and talk to him he will give you the One Sword Style.

1SS Moveset and How to Use Them

These are the controls for each move that you can use:

  • B: Atatsunas Flame
  • V: Spinning Blaze
  • C: Shi Shi Sonson
  • X: Rapid Slashes
  • Z: 36 Caliber Phoenix

That was all there was for the 1SS in this game. However, if you like playing Legacy Piece, I suggest you also check out its Trello to find help with various queries you may have about this game. Additionally, be sure to also check its codes that you can redeem for some handy freebies!

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