Legacy Piece: Where To Find Devil Fruits

Bored of using the fist style for fighting and want to get some cool powers? You should get yourself a devil fruit in Legacy Piece.

Legacy Piece: Where To Find Devil Fruits

One Piece games are incomplete if they don’t have the DF powers. Much like the series, they are rare here, and players want to know how they can get Devil Fruits in Legacy Piece.

If you haven’t seen One Piece, these fruits give you superhuman powers in exchange for your inability to swim. Not only are they super valuable, but they also have 3 different rarities, which makes you appreciate the powers you get even more! But let us not digress; here is where you can find them.

How to Get Devil Fruits in Legacy Piece

Legacy Piece: Where To Find Devil Fruits

You can find Devil Fruits in this game under trees. While this might sound underwhelming, it is the only known way for now. That means you will have to explore the islands a lot on foot. A new Devil Fruit spawns every 40 minutes, so make sure you track the time as well.

Tips to Find Devil Fruits Faster

  • Search Starter Islands: Starter islands are better spots for finding them than the ones you go to as you level up and progress.
  • Server hop: You can try server hopping to see if you can find a devil fruit on a new server.

All Devil Fruits List for Legacy Piece

You can find any of the following fruits:

  • Legendary (1% Chance)
    • Mera Mera Fruit (Flame Fruit)
    • Hie Hie Fruit (Ice Fruit)
    • Paw Paw Fruit
  • Rare (20% Chance)
    • Wax Wax Fruit
    • Bomb Bomb Fruit
    • Weapon Weapon Fruit
    • Diamon Diamon Fruit
  • Common (75% Chance)
    • Chop Chop Fruit
    • Spin Spin Fruit

Hopefully, with that, you should have found a Devil Fruit by now. In case you didn’t, then worry not, you can always get yourself the 1SS (one sword style).

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