Minecraft Suspicious Sand Location Guide

Sands can earn you some good load if you know how to identify the useful one. The Suspicious Sand in Minecraft can provide players with some useful items once they brush the block.

Minecraft Suspicious Sand Location Guide

Suspicious Sand in Minecraft is different from regular sands and can be your ticket to getting something useful in the deserts. However, it is one of those resources that be quite hard to come by if you don’t know where to look.

Along with the location, you will also need to know how to get the treasure inside without breaking it in the process. Although it is indeed simpler than it sounds, since the game does not tell you what to look for, you are bound to be confused. This guide will help you find the valuable boxes of sand and extract them safely.

Where to Find Suspicious Sand in Minecraft

Minecraft Suspicious Sand Location Guide

While it won’t be game changing treasure, the loot inside these sands is quite helpful if you are low on resources. However, there is still the matter of understanding the difference between regular sand and Suspicious Sand in Minecraft. Since this could lead to you breaking the treasure permanently, players will have to learn the difference in texture. Suspicious sand contains a few darker spots on the surface, compared to regular sand which is one color.

Once you learn to identify it, you will be able to extract the loot within. You can find Suspicious Sand in Minecraft in the following places:

  • Desert Wells
  • Desert Pyramids
  • Inside Warm Ocean Ruins

Once you find a block of Suspicious Sand in Minecraft, you will have to use the brush on it and the contents will spill out soon enough. The rest of the block will drop down as regular sand leaving the extracted loot with you. Since you are playing Minecraft, check out how you can join the Aternos Server, find Slime Chunks, get Snout Armor Trim, and more such guides.

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