Palworld Already Has A Pokemon Mod

Within a few days of its release, Palworld already has a Pokemon Mod for it.

Palworld Already Has A Pokemon Mod

It’s not even been a week since ‘Pokemon With Guns’ Palworld’s release and we now have the most appropriate mod for it already. If you didn’t know about it yet, a popular YouTuber/Twitter User, ToastedShoes, has revealed a glimpse of his Pokmon Mod for Palworld.

Those who are familiar with the game are aware of how similar both of these titles are. And as you can tell from the video, Palworld is about to get way cooler courtesy of the Pokemon Mod.

Palworld gets Real Pokemon Thanks to a Pokémon Mod

Palworld Already Has A Pokemon Mod

On Monday, January 22nd, ToastedShoes d a 24-second video of his soon-to-be-revealed Pokemon Mod for Palworld. That’s right, the mod hasn’t officially released but according to the Tweet (see below), a complete video demonstration of it will surface on ToastedShoes YouTube Channel.

Update: Nintendo has taken down the original video posted on X/Twitter and is taking down reaction videos of the mod too.

In Palworld, you can catch creatures using your Pal Sphere which is kind of similar to the Poké Ball. Much like Pokemon, Pals in Pocketpair’s RPG will be your combat partners. Not only that but they also help you in doing all the chores, if you assign them the task.

While Pokemon Games are all about being a good Trainer, Palworld runs almost parallel but gives you the experience of an open-world survival crafting game. The differences between these two titles will reduce once the Pokemon mod drops.

I believe it’s fairly difficult for this mod to survive on the Internet for too long. Nintendo will immediately take action and take down the Pokemon Mod for Palworld. Moreover, at the time of writing, there’s no Mod Support available in Palworld, so it will most likely plummet the game’s performance.

While it’s interesting to see Misty using a gun or see Torchic and other Pokemon working hard in Palworld, these characters are part of Nintendo’s IP after all. What happens to the mod itself remains to be seen – be sure to stick with Guideer to know the latest developments.

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