Pet Simulator 99 Castle Guide

Looks like Elsa won’t open the castle door! We will have to use this method to unlock Castle in Pet Simulator 99.

Pet Simulator 99 Castle Guide

Pet Simulator 99 is loaded with hidden locations, mysterious achievements, an unresponsive vendor, and occasionally gift boxes. One such location or to be precise the locked door is standing tall in the third area. This massive castle with a huge lock is not something you can unlock so early in the game. As obvious as it might be, to enter through this door you have to use a specific kind of key.

Once unlocked you will get access to plenty of new features, including the much-needed Trading Plaza of the PS99. So, without any further ado, let us get rid of that padlock.

How to Open Castle Door in Pet Simulator 99

To open the castle door, you have to use the Castle Key. Getting the key is not very difficult, as you can obtain it within an hour of playing when all methods are utilized, including Pet Eggs, Golden Pets, Potions, and Enchants.

How to Get Castle Key in PS99

Pet Simulator 99 Castle Guide

Castle Key will become part of your inventory when you perform the Rebirth 1. For this rebirth, you must go near the huge golden statue of Area 25 (Tiki) and use the Rebirth option that pops up upon your arrival. This will reset everything you earned by now and lock all the previously unlocked areas but will not affect your inventory, including pets and items. Additionally, apart from the Castle Key, you will get Teleport, permanent 75% stronger pets, and a gift box.

To put it in the steps, here’s what you need to do to get the key and unlock the Castle in Pet Simulator 99:

  1. Collect 750K Gold Coins and unlock Zone 25 with it.
  2. Approach the Golden Statue, then use the Rebirth! button.
  3. Break the breakables and unlock Area 3.
  4. Go near the Castle lock and press E.
  5. Hit Yes to use the Castle Key and permanently unlock the door.

All Benefits of the Castle

Pet Simulator 99 Castle Guide

Inside the Castle, you will find four mechanisms:

  • Huge-A-Tron
  • Spinny Wheel
  • Crystal Chest
  • Trading Plaza

That’s all on how to get Castle Key and unlock Castle in Pet Simulator 99. If this was interesting to you, make sure to check out PS99 guides, right here at the Guideer.

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