Pet Simulator 99 Hype Eggs Guide

These Hype Eggs of Pet Simulator 99 have a chance of hatching Titanic and Huge Pets, so use the given methods and get them.

Pet Simulator 99 Hype Eggs Guide

Haven’t yet unlocked any Huge or Titanic pets? You should get the Hype Eggs in Pet Simulator 99, as they have a chance of hatching pets like Titanic Party Cat and Huge Party Dragon for free. These eggs are obtained from the Hype Events, which activate and wrap up in less than an hour, making it difficult to keep track of. However, since you have made your way here, you don’t need to worry about it, this guide covers the event tasks, timing, and even the alternate method to obtain the egg.

Best Way to Get Hype Eggs In Pet Simulator 99

Pet Simulator 99 Hype Eggs Guide

Getting Hype Eggs from the Hype Event is the best way to obtain it. The event will take place after every update, and to participate in it you must log in within 10 minutes of the update. This is also the first task you will see in the list, following it, the second task is to play the game for 45 minutes straight. If you leave the game before the time limit and don’t log in within the starting 10 minutes, you will lose the reward and have to wait for the next update, so make sure your internet is stable.

Once you have finished both tasks, you will get the Hype Eggs based on your Rank. If you are at Rank 40 you will get 40 Eggs, if you are at Rank 30 you will get 30 Eggs, and so on.

How to Check Next Update Timing?

Pet Simulator 99 Hype Eggs Guide

You will get the info about the upcoming update from the Pet Sim 99 official Twitter and Discord Handles. On the day of the update, you have to log in to the game and go to the Pet Eggs zone, behind the eggs you will see a big board with a countdown, like the above picture. Keep track of it to participate in the event.

Alternate Method to Obtain Hype Eggs in PS99

If you missed the chance to take part in the event, then you can use the alternate method of trading for the Hype Eggs. You can do the simple Trade by sending requests to other players, and you can also go to the Trading Plaza to check the booths for those. No matter which mechanism you use, you will need to spend lots of Diamonds or exchange powerful pets for those, so if you are low on this currency, check out our Diamonds guide to make some fast.

Now that you know how to get Hype Eggs In Pet Simulator 99, you should see our other PS99 guides to find out how you can get Exclusive and Secret Pets.

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