Roblox A Dusty Trip: How To Fight And Kill Mutants

Came across a mutant but couldn’t fight it in A Dusty Trip? Worry not here are some ways that let you kill them easily!

Roblox A Dusty Trip: How To Fight And Kill Mutants

If you wanted to kill mutants in A Dusty Trip or were just looking for a way to fight and hold them off until you can get to safety then you are in luck, because there are multiple things you can do for that. This is a game developed by Jandel’s Road Trip for Roblox. As per its description, you take on a road trip in a desert but there is more to it than meets the eye. Mutants are one of the many such enemies that you are about to encounter. So these are the ways you can deal with them.

How to Fight and Kill Mutants in A Dusty Trip

Roblox A Dusty Trip: How To Fight And Kill Mutants

You can kill mutants by shooting them with guns. At the start when you get up from the bed, in the house you can find a Golden AK OP mounted on the wall. It can be purchased for 99 Robux, but this means spending real currency. Luckily you don’t have to do that when you visit gas stations there is a chance you may find another similar gun there for free.

The next best method to kill Mutants is by blowing them up using dynamite sticks. Just like the guns you come across, you can find these randomly on the ground in a store. Aside from that if you are someone who prefers melee weapons then an axe is also a good weapon to deal with them.

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Finally, if you are in a car then you can also run them over. Mutants are fast make sure you don’t fight them on foot unless you have a weapon that can counter them.

That is all for how you can fight and kill Mutants in Roblox A Dusty Trip. If you are having other issues with this game then worry not we have plenty more guides for you. Be sure to also check out how to flip a car, use the van, switch on the headlights, and separate fluids.

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