Roblox Type Soul: Best Accessories

Want to equip some of the best accessories in Type Soul so that your character can boost their HP stats and utilize other added buffs? Here’s everything you need to know.

Roblox Type Soul: Best Accessories

Apart from having the perfect weapon, players must also ensure they unlock and equip some of the best accessories in Type Soul. You might assume that these accessories can only be used as cosmetics; however, some are packed with powerful stats that could considerably boost your health and provide other useful buffs.

You can also choose any of these accessories you like, regardless of race. If you need help selecting the best ones, here’s a list of some dynamic accessories you can equip.

Best Accessories in Type Soul

Roblox Type Soul: Best Accessories

In the Roblox game Type Soul, various accessories can enhance your character’s abilities and overall gameplay experience. Some of the best accessories in Type Soul include:

  • Gremmy’s Clock
  • Cat Ears and Mini Quincy Hat
  • Star Pendant
  • God’s Prize
  • Shinigami Asura Pants

1 Gremmy’s Clock

Starting strong, we have selected Gremmy’s Cloak as our first best accessory. This mythical item has powerful stats, such as 15 HP, 15 Reiatsu, 10 Posture, 5% Defense, and 10% Reiatsu Regeneration.

Additionally, you can make the most of this accessory when paired with Mugetsu Wrapping (10% reduced Mode Meter drain and 10% Hierro Penetration) and Mugetsu Mask (5 Posture and 5 HP).

2 Cat Ears and Mini Quincy Hat

Cat Ears and Mini Quincy Hat have the same stats: 15 HP and 5% Defense. Moreover, both items belong to the legendary rarity category and are two of the best headgear you can use.

Equipping any of these items allows you to use the extra health boost to survive longer while defeating your opponent in any battle. This accessory grants increased speed and agility, helping you navigate the battlefield more effectively.

3 Star Pendant

Stats like 10 HP, 10 Reiatsu, and 5 Posture make the Star Pendant one of the most useful accessories in Type Soul. Since this Legendary item is a neck accessory, it can also be equipped with other body armor accessories to boost your character’s overall stats and make them even more powerful and resilient during combat.

4 God’s Prize

The most dynamic face accessory is God’s Prize. Along with 15 HP, it also contains useful stats like 15 Reiatsu, 5 Posture, 2% Reiatsu Regeneration, and 1% Defense. This powerful accessory provides numerous stat bonuses, making it a highly sought-after item for players looking to optimize their builds.

Considering all this Legendary item’s buffs, it can be best used during PvP combat, especially if you want the upper hand while fighting your opponent.

5 Shinigami Asura Pants

These pants grant increased movement speed and posture, improving your mobility and overall combat capabilities. Offering 5 HP and a 5% reduced Mode Meter drain, Shinigami Asura Pants is one of the most useful accessories you can use in Type Soul.

However, make sure to equip other accessories that provide powerful buffs along with this legendary item so that you can make the best use of it and survive longer on the battlefield.

Keep in mind that some of the best accessories in Type Soul may be better suited for specific character races or classes; some of them are as follows:

  • Kisuke Robe: This accessory provides a +10% Mode Duration and +10% Reiatsu Regen, making it an essential part of any strong build.
  • Mugetsu Mask: This mask offers +5 Posture and +5 Health, making it a versatile accessory that can benefit a variety of character builds.
  • Quincy Cross: This accessory is an excellent choice for Quincy characters and boosts your character’s overall power and effectiveness in battle.
  • Quincy Robes: Another great Quincy-specific accessory, these robes grant additional stats and bonuses to help you succeed in the game.
  • Saunder Cloak: With a +15 Health and +20 Reiatsu bonus, this cloak is a strong option for improving your character’s survivability and energy pool.
  • Short Cloak: A solid choice for any character, this cloak boosts your Health and Reiatsu.

That’s our complete list of all the best accessories in Type Soul. If you want to learn more about this Bleach-inspired game, make sure to check out how to trade and how to equip Flash Step.

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