Soulmask: How To Catch Fireflies

Learning how you can efficiently catch fireflies in Soulmask can be tricky if you are not aware of the proper process. Here’s everything you need to know.

Soulmask: How To Catch Fireflies

Ensuring you have all the resources to help you while crafting items and tools is an important aspect of this game. However, if you want to keep your lamp lit at all times, you must catch fireflies in Soulmask.

Getting these light-producing insects will be a little less complicated once you have read this guide. Furthermore, to catch fireflies, you must craft one necessary tool and find the insects you are looking for in specific areas on the map.

How to Get Fireflies in Soulmask

Before getting fireflies in Soulmask, you must craft a Bug Net to catch them. Here’s the list of items you will need for this recipe:

  • ×3 Branch
  • ×10 Thick Rope

Players can get Branch in Soulmask by cutting down smaller trees. For Thick Rope, you will have to get Vines. Once obtained, use x3 Vines to create one unit of Thick Rope.

Soulmask: How To Catch Fireflies

After creating this tool, your next step will be getting to the areas that have fireflies. Similarly, players must visit ponds, lakes, and rivers at night, as these insects will spawn near these waterbodies.

After reaching any of these areas, look for shiny golden flickering lights. Cautiously walk towards them while crouching, and make sure you don’t scare them away. Once you are close enough, use the Bug Net you have crafted and capture the fireflies by swinging your net.

Also, remember that when you encounter these insects, you must aim precisely to catch them. Also, ensure that you are collecting an adequate amount of fireflies so that you don’t have to keep repeating this process repeatedly.

That’s all you need to know about how you can get fireflies in Soulmask. To learn more about this game, find out how you can increase camp comfort, change masks, assign jobs to tribesmen, and tame NPCs.

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